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Happy Guerrilla IMC - reaches a milestone

November 2013 saw Guerrilla IMC add another candle to its "birthday cake" - making it five very successful years in business. No mean feat in the competitive outdoor advertising industry where "fly by night" operators are commonplace.
Happy Guerrilla IMC - reaches a milestone

The reason turning five is such an important milestone is that:

"About 80% of all new small businesses fail within the first five years."

"5 out of 7 new businesses will fail within the first year."

    Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies (May 2013)

Having grown from a single wrap in Hyde Park to having a very diverse selection of sites (from billboards, to construction wraps & building wraps) on a national scale - Guerrilla IMC has become a trusted and respected Media owner and brand in the cut throat outdoor industry.

In addition to wraps and boards Guerrilla IMC has exclusive branding rights of a fleet of 20 Tuk Tuks in Cape Town and was the first media owner in the country to run a Tuk Tuk campaign; we have also partnered with various smaller "Tuk Tuk" businesses across the country to offer them an opportunity to reach the market.

Over the last five years Guerrilla has built up strong relationships with both our clients and the landlords we represent; establishing us as a force to be reckoned with; in a very competitive market.

We pride ourselves on innovation, honesty, integrity and efficiency!

Adds Daryl van Arkel founding partner of Guerrilla IMC: "When we started the business back in 2008 it was difficult to get taken seriously by media agencies and clients and only through grit and determination, an ethos we still live by today, were we able to build trust and a lasting business. I look forward to an exciting next five years as the business goes from strength to strength as we continue to go the extra mile for our clients."

Adds Matthew Palmer, director advanced assault ops: "Clients across the board now see Guerrilla as a trusted partner, because of this we are so busy we didn't have a chance to celebrate our fifth birthday in November when it happened! However watch this space as we plan a bash to end all bashes in 2014 to celebrate!"

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