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Marin's Southern Africa launches new 100% recyclable range of stockers

Marin's is proud to announce its achievement of removing all plastic from its display stockers and the introduction of its new 100% recyclable stockers, Cargo-Green. Cargo-Green Displays are perfect for merchandising operations, fast to set up, compact and can support heavy weight per shelf, depending on client needs. Neill Goncalves, General Manager of Marin's Southern Africa explains the decision to go green and what it means for the industry.
Neill Goncalves
Neill Goncalves

Q: Why the need to go green?

A: The environment has always been at the centre of our concerns at Marin’s. It is therefore necessary to adapt our offer to provide customers in-store marketing solutions which are more respectful of the planet. Our goal is to remove plastic in its entirety from our stocker displays.

Q: Who should use this product? How do they benefit from using these recyclable displays?

A: This product appeals to companies that are looking to display their products in store. Companies who are concerned with the environment and are willing to begin to make a change, mindful of our environment.

Q: Would you say the recyclable displays are the same/better quality
than the alternative/original?

A: These display stands have the same quality as the original unit. It can hold heavy weight and the integrity of the stand is still the same. Usually we would manufacture the stands with a gloss film laminate which does give it a glossy finish however, we have removed the laminate to allow the unit to be 100% recyclable.

Q: Are these displays customisable?

A: Yes they are, almost everything from the stand can change, including but not limited to height, width, depth, as well as the number of shelves. The display stands can also be customised to different shapes. We are able to add pop out’s or leaflet holders if needed.

Q: What is your message to other display stockers who have aspirations to go green too?

A: We believe the future will hold a strong focus on going “green” and we encourage that they too focus on new and innovative ideas, which promote environmental friendliness.

Marin’s specialises in many patented POS products such as the LAMa range, Stick n Glide and Rollersigns. For more information, email:, or call 082 802 7824.

21 Jul 2020 12:39


what a great innovationreally awesome
Posted on 21 Jul 2020 22:59