Hello helps Verisign steal the show at CES

A partnership between Hello and Splinter saw the conclusion of a highly successful product demo for Organic and Verisign at the Consumer Electronics' Show (CES) held recently in Las Vegas. The tradeshow is the largest of its kind in the world, with 1.8 million nett square feet and over 140 000 attendees.

The challenge was to create an interactive product demo that would stand out amongst the 20 000 product launches and exciting partnership announcements. Specifically, Hello would need to use Adobe Flash as an interface to deliver HD quality video and product metadata for the Kontiki Delivery Management System (DMS).

Kontiki (DMS) transforms your existing delivery infrastructure by its capability to deliver high quality video, software, and all digital content to every employee, partner, and customer anywhere in the world, without breaking your network.

A key topic at CES was the convergence of broadband content and consumer electronics, and the security implications of this migration. Kontiki (DMS) therefore had the attention of Hollywood studios and large media owners assessing how the tool can assist in the secure distribution of their digital assets.

A presentation introducing the systems benefits and operating possibilities was developed by Hello's digital division, Hellocomputer, to strict object orientated standards. In order to illustrate the future expansion of Kontiki (DMS) to include Web 2.0 functionality such as user reviews, commenting and forums the demonstration was executed in Flash. Prior to this point Flash had never been used as an interface for the Kontiki API. The implementation was achieved by seamlessly integrating Flash with the user's web browser and Windows Media Player. Secondly, Flash's JavaScript interface was used to communicate with the activeX API on the user's local machine. Finally, Flash's web service interface was used to communicate with the Kontiki server to receive product metadata.

The Interface portrayed how the system allowed users to access multiple levels of content. For example, user's watching a Mel Gibson movie could request all content on the system where Mel Gibson has acted or directed. Items such as television shows can be delivered on demand and future episodes automatically downloaded as the new episodes become available. The notification of these updates could be received via Mobile devices or email. Future versions may include integration with other video delivery devices such as IPOD.

The platform allows media owners to safely deliver there content on a subscription or free basis, while at the same time insuring their intellectual property rights are protected through the use of a Digital Rights Management solution.
23 Feb 2007 14:38


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