Founding members of Generator launch Hellocomputer

Award winning creative director, and founding member of digital agency Generator Communications, muses on his latest venture: the human computer interaction consultancy, Hellocomputer, "the idea is to humanise technology, making interaction a pleasure for our users."

Tomlinson's long standing business partner and technical director, Benon Czornij, expands "digital is just another communications medium with a few beneficial idiosyncrasies. We believe that understanding the underlying technology should not be a prerequisite for users or clients to obtain the value out of the channel that they seek."

In the fast paced world of technology Hellocomputer appears to be dedicated to simplifying the digital world for its clients so that the real focus can remain on the objectives of the communication. "We apply the fundamental communication principles that have sustained the communications industry for decades: understand your audience, how best to reach them with key messaging in the most relevant manner possible." Sound like ad talk? Not surprisingly, Tomlinson's background was as an art director with credentials that date back to a qualification from Ogilvy and Mathers' Red and Yellow School of Advertising. "Translating a brand seamlessly into the digital environment used to be a competitive advantage that we had over other website designers, because we combined technological skills with communications principles. But the industry now recognizes that it can no longer depend upon its technological skills alone and is seeking to inject marketing principles. We have always employed this approach and now seek strategies that use technology to forge deeper relationships between a brand and its target audience." This is achieved through customer retention development programmes linked to the creation of like minded communities aggregating around a lifestyle proposition. Their approach has made them a first choice option for those Advertising Agencies without the internal resources to maximise the world of digital.

Hellocomputer currently offers expertise in design, coding, database management and motion graphics. If the founding members of Hellocomputer's enthusiasm is anything to go by then the future looks bright.
8 Mar 2005 14:10


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