Innovative solution for choosing wheels from Tiger Wheel & Tyre

Buying wheels can be a hit and miss affair. A wheel that looks ultra aggressive on the rack can look like a lame duck on your car. Now Tiger Wheel & Tyre introduces a stunningly simple, innovative solution to this age-old problem with the launch of its ground-breaking 3D Wheels-on Car Visualiser. The visualiser is an online platform that lets you 'try out' TSW wheels on your vehicle, all from the comfort of your home using your favourite digital device. Whether it's a laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone, as long as it has internet access, the visualiser is yours to explore.
Innovative solution for choosing wheels from Tiger Wheel & Tyre
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As sophisticated a solution as it is, using the visualiser could not be easier. Simply choose a vehicle make and model from the drop-down menu and images of the TSW wheels that fit it will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on each wheel in turn to see how it looks on the vehicle. You can even choose from a range of five colours to alter the paint finish of your chosen car. This way you can see which of the available wheel colours and styles are the best fit.

A click-and-drag slider underneath the vehicle is another valuable feature that lets you rotate the car 180 degrees to see how the wheels look from all angles.

"The 3D Wheel Visualiser is like having your own Formula 1 pit crew to change your wheels in mere seconds, so you can try out a selection of different wheel styles. And, while being able to view wheels on cars online is not unique to us, the ability to swivel the vehicle to see how the wheels look from all angles thanks to the vehicle and wheels being 3D models, is an exciting new feature that we are proud to be pioneers of," says Joe du Plooy, marketing executive of Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

The freshly launched visualiser can be tested out on a selection of Southern Africa's most popular vehicles and a select range of TSW wheels, and more car models will be added on an ongoing basis. So if your vehicle is not yet among those listed, take heart, it may well be in the process of being added right now. The 3D Wheel Visualiser takes window-shopping to a whole new level.

The visualiser is located on Tiger Wheel & Tyre's website and can be accessed from a computer, smartphone or tablet. If you would like to try out the visualiser, go to Tiger Wheel & Tyre's home page or the following URL:

1 Aug 2013 11:25