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F Secure Elements all-in-one cybersecurity

F-Secure Elements is a cloud platform that delivers everything from vulnerability management and collaboration protection to endpoint protection, and detection and response. These are the four aspects that organisations need to cover the whole security value chain. Using F-Secure Elements allows all of these threat aspects to be made clearly visible and easily managed from a single security console. Elements also provides the clarity, flexibility, and technology that you will need to adapt to changing threats and business needs. It is also easy to manage in-house with a flexible usage-based SaaS option.

The F-Secure Elements solution provides a unified endpoint protection solution across devices, clouds, and servers for MS Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS systems.

The threat vectors it protects against include:

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Email compromises
  • Zero-day exploits
  • Brand and domain infringements
  • Advanced persistent threats

Cyberbreaches can cause a disruption from days to weeks, resulting in massive financial losses. A holistic approach to cybersecurity means that you’re fully covered with less risk of being breached and the ability to become more resilient against cyberattacks going forward.

F-Secure Elements puts everything you need into a single pane of glass, including asset prioritisation, vulnerability identification, patch management, incident detection and more, for complete visibility. Unified cybersecurity also means easier licensing, fewer security management tasks and higher productivity – all while boosting your organisation’s cybersecurity posture for higher efficiency.

It also gathers and analyses all data across solutions in real time, which means that when an issue is detected in one area, responses are automatically triggered in all the solutions of data sharing.

Software updates are also handled automatically without the need of additional server investments, thus allowing you the highest protection level with the lowest update costs for efficient cloud-native management.

Eighty-two percent of companies would like an all-in-one solution and the average time to identify a breach is 220 days. In addition to the usage-based SaaS option, F-Secure Elements can also be bought as a fully managed subscription service from one of our certified partners. The all-inclusive subscription model allows you to buy the solutions tailored towards your specific needs. With flexible licensing options, F-Secure Elements is designed to grow with you at less cost and with greater simplicity.

F-Secure Elements solutions:

Elements Endpoint Protection

Most breaches start with the endpoint, so keeping them protected is key. With the world-wide shift to working remotely, this is more challenging than ever. With things like advanced anti-malware and patch management, Endpoint Protection keeps your endpoints protected, wherever they may be.

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Elements Endpoint Detection and Response

If you can't see it, you can't stop it. To detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks, you need to see what’s going on in your IT environment. Endpoint Detection and Response gives you the visibility you need, alerts you when something’s wrong, and guides your responses with the most sophisticated analytics and machine learning technologies to shield your organisation against advanced cyber threats and breaches.

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Elements Vulnerability Management

If there’s a way in, attackers will likely find it. Vulnerability Management scans your own network and the deep web to sniff out vulnerabilities and alert you to them immediately. Cloud-based and highly automated, Vulnerability Management frees up time to focus on core business tasks.

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Elements For Microsoft 365

Almost all malware is delivered through email. People are always going to click on the wrong things, but with F-Secure Elements for Microsoft 365, your organisation is protected from even the most advanced email threats.

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About Cybervision

CyberVision Pty Ltd is an IT security value-added distribution company that conducts business throughout Africa through a variety of resellers of various sizes and differing specialisations. The key personnel at CyberVision individually have over 20 years each of experience in data and network security with F-Secure’s solutions and have supplied services to many types of organisations in Africa, ranging from SMEs to large banks, insurers and government departments. Working with leading organisations in industry has resulted in an extensive understanding of security, allowing for a competitive advantage when it comes to ensuring that the right solutions are in place to adequately secure the networks of organisations of all sizes and types.

With offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as a presence in Kwazulu-Natal, CyberVision has full-service teams capable of providing resellers and their customers with the necessary support services to ensure that their endpoint protection, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing is conducted efficiently and effectively to help prevent security breaches on their networks. The Elements Vulnerability Management, F-Secure Elements Endpoint Detection and Response and Rapid Detection Service (RDS), as well as other F-Secure solutions are relied upon for much of CyberVision’s security expertise in mitigating risks and helping organisations manage complex security challenges with a business-focused man-and-machine combined approach. These solutions are also easy for organisations to manage in-house with a flexible usage-based SaaS option.

In order to ensure POPIA compliance, Cybervision Pty Ltd has registered their information officer Grant Chapman and deputy information officer Ruben Maasdorp with the Information Regulator of South Africa, compiled the necessary POPIA documentation for the business and its employees and updated all its employment contracts with the necessary details on POPIA. Cybervision Pty Ltd will also comply with POPIA in managing customer, prospect and other personal information in the business.

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