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F-Secure RADAR wins vulnerability award

Cybersecurity company F-Secure continues to receive market recognition for their solutions with their latest accolade being the Champion Award given for their RADAR solution by German research and analyst firm Techconsult.

F-Secure RADAR is a PCI ASV certified, turnkey vulnerability scanning and management platform. It allows users to efficiently identify, evaluate, and prioritise vulnerabilities and security risks, even beyond their organisation’s own network assets.

Unpatched and badly configured software is a key attack vector and breach enabler, especially when it comes to more advanced attacks. F-Secure RADAR can significantly lower the cost of an organisation’s vulnerability management process by automatically and proactively identifying vulnerabilities – and prioritising them based on business risk.

Vulnerability Management (VM) is the process of identifying, evaluating, reporting, and remediating security vulnerabilities in business processes, web applications, and systems, as well as the software that runs on them. This is not the entire attack surface, however.

“Unlike F-Secure Radar, most VM solutions do not look beyond your own network,” explains F-Secure’s RADAR Solution Director, Teemu Myllykangas. “Often, elements of old services remain online, even after the service is shut down. They are forgotten and unmaintained, and thus are vulnerable. For an attacker studying your attack surface, however, they provide an easy-to-exploit beachhead to your network,” he adds.

F-Secure RADAR leverages the Finnish cybersecurity company’s trademark combination of human expertise and AI excellence. The expertise and real-world experience gained from F-Secure’s penetration testers and red teaming exercises fuel the development of the solution, providing award-winning value for its users.

Techconsult conducted a large-scale user study on IT security products for six solution areas, with 14 categories and more than 60 individual criteria. The evaluation, which involved more than 2,000 user companies completing an online survey, involved ratings regarding company, and technology/solution rating. Around 160 manufacturers offering IT security solutions on the German-speaking market were in focus.

“F-Secure was particularly convincing in the concrete solution evaluation, which achieved a place on the winner’s rostrum in several categories,” commented Marco Becker, IT market analyst at Techconsult.

“This latest award given to F-Secure for their popular RADAR vulnerability solution comes on the heels of two others from AV-TEST for their Protection Service for Business Computer Protection and their consumer-oriented F-Secure SAFE,” comments Grant Chapman, MD of local F-Secure Distributor Cybervision Pty Ltd.

About F-Secure

F-Secure RADAR wins vulnerability award

Nobody knows cybersecurity like F-Secure. For three decades, F-Secure has driven innovations in cybersecurity, defending tens of thousands of companies and millions of people. With unsurpassed experience in endpoint protection as well as detection and response, F-Secure shields enterprises and consumers against everything from advanced cyberattacks and data breaches to widespread ransomware infections. F-Secure’s sophisticated technology combines the power of machine learning with the human expertise of its world-renowned security labs for a singular approach called Live Security.

F-Secure’s security experts have participated in more European cyber crime scene investigations than any other company in the market, and its products are sold all over the world by over 200 broadband and mobile operators and thousands of resellers.

Founded in 1988, F-Secure is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.

About Cybervision

F-Secure RADAR wins vulnerability award

CyberVision Pty Ltd is an IT security value-added distribution company that conducts business throughout Africa through a variety of resellers of various sizes and differing specialisations. The key personnel at CyberVision individually have over 20 years each of experience in data and network security with F-Secure’s solutions and have supplied services to many types of organisations in Africa, ranging from SMEs to large banks, insurers and government departments. Working with leading organisations in industry has resulted in an extensive understanding of security, allowing for a competitive advantage when it comes to ensuring that the right solutions are in place to adequately secure the networks of organisations of all sizes and types.

With offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as a presence in Kwazulu-Natal, CyberVision has full-service teams capable of providing resellers and their customers with the necessary support services to ensure that their endpoint protection, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing is conducted efficiently and effectively to help prevent security breaches on their networks. All F-Secure solutions are relied upon for much of CyberVision’s security expertise in mitigating risks and helping organisations manage complex security challenges with a business-focused man-and-machine combined approach.

16 Apr 2019 12:52