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Big John beats ya'hunga with Chicken Licken's new ad

The Big John Burger is legendary. It's big, very big, and it's bound to beat the biggest hunger.
Big John beats ya'hunga with Chicken Licken's new ad

Inspired by this, Chicken Licken wanted to tell a tale of just how legendary our burger is and how far someone would go to get their hands on one.

And so, the idea to create a humorous parody inspired by the Black Panther franchise was born. Viewers are introduced to an advanced kingdom in Africa, the exact location of this majestic place is unknown, and its citizens have no reason to leave, as the outside world adds no value to their already perfect lives. Until now! Because, as it turns out, there’s one thing they don’t have, the Big John Burger.

Having heard the legend, the Queen commands her trusted warriors to go and find “Big John”. The warriors set off on their mission and arrive in South Africa to find many gawking faces, an opportunistic window washer, a perplexed traffic officer and a Xhosa-speaking man who doesn’t understand their Hollywood Xhosa. Still, they use their technologically advanced navigation tool which points them in the direction of a Chicken Licken store where they mistake a well-built cashier for “Big John”.

After a series of hilarious misunderstandings, the ad culminates with our warriors arriving back home to their Queen, confident that they’ve successfully completed their mission. But, to their surprise, they realise that the Queen was waiting for a Big John Burger all along, proving once and for all that only “Big John beats ya'hunga forever” no matter who you are, or where you are.

Xolisa Dyeshana, integrated chief creative officer of Joe Public said, “Chicken Licken always aims to delight audiences with the unexpected. This ad does exactly that.”

“The new Big John ad is a feast for the senses: from the storytelling and comedic timing to the brilliant performances; from the art direction and the spectacular CGI to the beautiful cinematography, epic music score and sound composition. All the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster. A proudly South African Chicken Licken Production,” added Martin Schlumpf, executive creative director at Joe Public.

The film launched in cinemas across South Africa on Friday, 11 November, flighting as a prelude to the new Black Panther: Wakanda Forever film. It also launched on TV and across all social media where it has been received with surprise and delight. With Marvel themselves even commenting on Chicken Licken’s Facebook page that fans will be ready to watch their long awaited film after having a Big John Burger –

“Injalo! After your Big John you’ll be ready for the fire in cinemas. #WakandaForeverSA”.

Parodying the film and the genre, Chicken Licken appealed to South Africans who have been anticipating the movie that celebrates Africa and its heritage as well as its potential. The campaign can be seen across Cinema, TV, Social, Digital and OOH.

The film was directed by Greg Gray from Romance Films, the visual effects and animation were created by BlackGinger and the music score composed by Pressure Cooker Studios.

Watch it here:




Brand: Chicken Licken

Client: Chantal Sombonos van Tonder

Agency: Joe Public

Group Integrated Chief Creative Officer: Pepe Marais

Integrated Chief Creative Officer: Xolisa Dyeshana

Integrated Executive Creative Director: Martin Schlumpf

Integrated Art Director: Raphael Kuppasamy

Integrated Copywriter: Bernice Puleng

Creative Business Director: Amber Mackeurtan

Integrated Account Manager: Sonwabile Mkize

Social Media Manager: Kamohelo Moeti

Agency Producer: Wendy Botha

Media: Joe Public Maximise

Production Company: Romance Films/ Cape Town

Director: Greg Gray

Executive Producer: Helena Woodfine

Line Producer: Shannon McDougall

Director of Photography: Adam Bentel

Production Art Director: Chris Bass

Stylist / Costume Design: Bridget Baker / Dihantus Engelbrecht

Head of Research: Maghiel Van Dorssen

Editor & Company: Ricky Boyd / Deliverance

VFX Company: BlackGinger

VFX Creative Director and On-set Supervisor: Marco Raposa De Barbosa / Byron Tofas

Lead Compositor: Andries Smit

Colourist: Nic Apostoli

Music House: Pressure Cooker

Music Creative Director: James Matthes

Audio: Sterling Sound

Sound Designer: Lorens Persson

Post-production Online: BlackGinger

Post-production Offline: Deliverance

11 Nov 2022 12:12