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Digital signage trends that drive sales

In today's connected world, many retailers are aiming their focus at finding new means of engaging consumers in a way that differentiates brick-and-mortar from e-commerce. One of the most effective ways to drive brand messaging is by introducing a unique digital experience through digital signage.
Digital signage trends that drive sales

We know that the in-store journey is a major influencer of buying behaviour. Done right, an elevated customer experience overtakes product benefits as the key driver for brand growth. To uncover how the very latest in digital signage and systems technology transforms the customer journey, from beginning to end, DMX attended the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) and Euroshop exhibitions in February this year. These are the retail digital trends to look out for:

Digitising the customer experience

Customers are savvier than before. They expect a better shopping experience and are willing to pay for it. Some of the most successful brands are those that can deliver a consistently memorable shopping journey online and in-store. In the digital age, delivering a great customer experience means actively pursuing a digital metamorphosis that integrates signage from the conceptual stage of the store design.

Digital signage trends that drive sales
Digital signage trends that drive sales

Bridging between online and offline

If customers don’t differentiate between the online and offline shopping experience – retailers shouldn’t either. The technological expansion that’s blurring the lines between the digital and physical store is edging towards a more engaging, convenient and customised in-store journey. That seamless experience brings the benefits of online shopping to the tactile store where multiple solutions help make the store more efficient. Think interactive touch screens and digital menu boards where product availability and price information can be updated in a matter of seconds.

Digital signage trends that drive sales

The smart store

Technological advancements are helping retailers do what they’ve always done, only better, faster and more effectively. The store of the future is evolving the existing technology to automate, digitise and transform the shopping experience. We’re seeing modular concepts that allow retailers to tailor their in-store designs; automated POS systems and digital smart shelves that are all part of emerging IoT.


When introducing new ideas, the key is to create real added value for customers. Intuitive systems make the physical store more immersive; encouraging customers to discover the store anew again and again. Emerging trends that inspire independence like self-checkout and informational lift-and-learn technology, stand out amongst others.


Powerful shopping experiences need to be powered by a high-impact digital strategy that turns shoppers into buyers. Another emerging trend is around analytics: enhancing existing signage platforms to collect raw data from multiple touchpoints, turning actionable analytics that can be applied to signage to better understand what influences shopping behaviour and how the customer journey can be improved.

Digital signage is a highly effective visual solution. It allows retailers to deliver a tailored shopping experience at scale, making it easier for marketers to adjust the content with focused messaging that resonates with their customers. From attractive LED window displays to mobile solutions like digital A-frames – the possibilities for boosting sales through upselling and cross-selling are endless.

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5 Mar 2020 11:03