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The MARC goes digital with an LED video wall

As cities grow, so does the demand for optimised urban spaces that speak to evolving mobility and consumer preferences. A statement piece amidst other high-rise buildings, The MARC (Maude and Rivonia Corner) in Sandton continues to challenge the status quo with its innovative design.
The MARC goes digital with an LED video wall

The multi-use space is in the heart of Sandton, the epicentre of Johannesburg’s growth and development; attracting busy professionals and curious travellers alike. Eris Properties wanted to create a people-centric space to match the authenticity of a neighbourhood of class. Fine-detailed finishes aside – what really distinguishes this precinct from its surroundings, is its ability to create a sense of community where people live, work and play.

When it comes to creating a lasting impression, it’s all about building an immersive environment for shoppers who value experience over products. The MARC partnered with DMX to elevate the on-site experience through captivating sensory solutions like curated background music and a high-impact digital signage solution.

The MARC goes digital with an LED video wall

There is no denying the visual impact that dynamic content has on a customer. At least 80% of shoppers say digital signage captures their attention, making it the trendiest and most effective way to deliver on-brand messaging. For that first great impression in a high foot-traffic area, DMX installed a 2x4m LED video wall outside Entrance 1 facing Maude Street.

“The MARC has been designed to deliver a unique, accessible and universal shopping journey for the contemporary consumer. Introducing captivating content through the LED screen speaks to our brand message of delivering the highest quality of customer experience.” – The MARC Marketing Manager, Pascalina Makwela.

The MARC goes digital with an LED video wall

Replacing printed signage with a digital alternative inspires engagement and reduces printing costs and deployment time by at least 90%. The DMX cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) allows marketers to skip tedious overnight print installations by enabling them to update content in minutes. An intuitive CMS also allows brands to maximise the effect of their messaging and keep content relevant by pre-programming certain material to be flighted at optimal times.

Digital displays make a massive statement, but the power to create a substantial positive impact really lies with the content. By displaying engaging content, retailers can enhance the visual impact of the message on the consumer, creating an overall richer customer experience and ensuring a stronger ROI.

DMX is an industry pioneer with decades of experience, providing on-site sensory marketing solutions to businesses across industries. Every DMX solution is tailored to fit the specific needs of each brand. The multi-sensory offering includes digital signage, music, content management systems, scenting and other solutions for businesses across industries. DMX customers include prominent industry leaders and represent some of the most identifiable brands.

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1 Oct 2019 12:33