Student Testimonials / Commentary

Desiree Molefe – 23 YO
Careers24 was a platform for learning life skills. We learned the importance of understanding who we are as individuals and to embrace our differences and uniqueness within each of us. We shed tears from the life stories that were shared (covered in the life skills module), which opened unhealed wounds, and through the mentorship we were healed. We learned about the importance of career goals and how to plan for them. This course was a fundamental step towards achieving our dreams and the class was like a second home to us.

Priscilla Mnyhila – 22 YO
l would like to thank Careers24 for being involved in our lives. I’m happy and excited to be able to search for my dream job and to be able to write and upload a CV the correct way. This programme also taught me how to improve my writing when creating my CV and gave me knowledge on interview skills. Careers24 inspired me with this programme.

Nwabisa Tomi – 28 YO
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Silulo for bringing Careers24 into our lives. There were 24 students at our site and it was very nice to be part of the group. I learned a lot from the other learners and was taught important life skills, such as how to handle conflict, communication skills, interview skills, choosing the right career and how to manage my goals. The most important lesson was to always stay positive.

This programme played a huge role in my life, and today I have the confidence to search for employment anywhere, or to start my own business because of the skills that I have gained. I believe any door will open for me and I would like to thank Careers24 for giving me this opportunity, and I hope that it will be done again for those who need it.

Khanyis Somatube – 24 YO
The job readiness course changed my life and provided me with the mindset to become successful in my career.