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Alefbet Holdings is a Global Business Services powerhouse to a blue-chip base of clients operating in South Africa and across the globe, including collections, accounts receivables, education and training and customer service.
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iContact BPO
iContact BPO expands contact centre operations in Gauteng
iContact BPO, a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider, officially launched its new Johannesburg operation in Houghton on 5 December 2022. The investment into South Africa's burgeoning BPO sector is a continued strategic development for iContact BPO which specialises in inbound and outbound customer service and sales, financial services support, customer retention and loyalty management, lead generation and back-office fulfilment predominantly for international business clients based in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. 6 Dec 2022 Read more

Future Fit Academy
Behind every successful entrepreneur... are critical future-fit skills and traits
The pandemic has been the catalyst of an exponential growth in entrepreneurial success. Although it might seem counter-intuitive - as the pandemic has been exceptionally hard on small business in particular leading many to shut down - entrepreneurship rates are up. The cover of Forbes magazine on 17 June 2021 read: "Covid's Entrepreneur Explosion". 14 Nov 2022 Read more

SA Business School
Does your corporate learning and development plan align to business strategy?
Unpacking why so many L&D plans fail to deliver a competitive business advantage 1 Nov 2022 Read more

iContact BPO
South Africa's BPO sector surges ahead, with CX and customer service leading the charge
South Africa's BPO sector has enjoyed rapid growth, with a ~25% compound annual growth rate between 2015 and 2021, becoming a major global outsourcing and offshoring contender, particularly in the English voice-based sourcing markets. This is according to the South Africa National GBS Quantification & Investment Report 2021/22 published by Business Process Enabling South Africa (BPESA). 27 Oct 2022 Read more

Future Fit Academy
Creating clarity - a critical Future Fit skill possessed by great visionary leaders
Without absolute clarity of your vision for your business, it's almost impossible to be successful. This holds true for the entrepreneur through to the corporate CEO. According to Dr Eric Albertini of the Future Fit Academy, one of the most common failures of leaders is the inability to create clarity for the people they lead and who are tasked with delivering on the vision and mission of the business. 23 Sep 2022 Read more

iContact BPO
Choosing the right BPO partner
Unpacking the important metrics beyond price and language 22 Sep 2022 Read more

Shapiro Shaik Defries and Associates
Spring clean your approach to money - get a handle on your debt and credit score
As fundamental as money is to the security of our livelihoods, it is one of the least understood and poorly managed essential commodities. Millions of South Africans find themselves struggling with bad debt that they are unable to get a hold on, many have a poor grasp of their spending habits, and few actively monitor their credit profile with a view to improving it. Heaping on more pain for indebted consumers, the current economic environment of record high inflation, rising interest rates and a much more expensive cost of living is amplifying the strain that many households are experiencing. The time to grab the debt bull the horns and put a plan in place to manage your recovery is now! 8 Sep 2022 Read more

iContact BPO
Rage against the machine or embrace it
Unpacking the implications and opportunities that digital tech and AI bring to South Africa's BPO industry. 17 Aug 2022 Read more

Future Fit Academy
Future Fit skills - do you have a growth mindset?
Do you believe qualities such as intelligence and talent are fixed or changeable traits? 16 Aug 2022 Read more

SA Business School
SA Business School launches online learnership programme
SA Business School has taken its learnership programmes online, revolutionising the way that learnerships are delivered in a rapidly changing organisational training and education environment. The e-learning learnership structure provides significant flexibility and productivity benefits for both the learner and employer. 27 Jul 2022 Read more

iContact BPO
International provider chooses South Africa for its customer service outsourcing needs
IContact BPO, a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) provider along with BrainCX, a premium customer experience (CX) strategist and digital transformation expert, have landed a large North American Telecommunications company in an outsourcing bid to South Africa - a win for Cape Town's burgeoning BPO industry. 18 Jul 2022 Read more

Future Fit Academy
15 future fit skills: dealing with paradox
Dr Eric Albertini unpacks 'dealing with paradox' as one of the 15 'future fit skills' that are critical to being relevant and competent, if not advanced, in the future of work. 12 Jul 2022 Read more

Shapiro Shaik Defries and Associates
Consumers struggle to service debt repayments as living costs rise sharply
Time to batten down the hatches and deal with expensive debt as interest rates and inflation take their toll. 7 Jul 2022 Read more

SA Business School
Abuse of Employee Tax Incentive exploits the most vulnerable in our society - unemployed youth
Abusive Employee Tax Incentive schemes (ETI) marketed by unscrupulous training providers has done massive damage to the training and development industry, leaving many businesses hesitant to revisit the many social and economic benefits of ETI incentives, but most crucially, exacerbating the plight of millions of young South Africans who remain unemployed and untrained. 9 May 2022 Read more

iContact BPO
The Great Resignation sees South African BPO providers stepping in to fill the gap  6 May 2022 Read more

iContact BPO
Are you leveraging your customer contact center data as the fundamental CX differentiator that it can be?
Your customer service contact center should be the hub of your customer service strategy and design. It is the melting pot where all that is right and wrong with your customer experience will ultimately manifest - where every enquiry, compliment and complaint will either be efficiently resolved to create a raving ambassador for your brand, or left to fester, creating a raging detractor who finds every opportunity to criticize your company. This is where the voice of your customer is heard, but only if you're listening. 11 Apr 2022 Read more

Shapiro Shaik Defries and Associates
Millions of South Africans are drowning in debt and have no plan to break the debt spiral
In an environment of rising interest rates, declining monthly household incomes, growing inflation and the highest fuel prices we have ever faced in our history, South Africans are facing extraordinary financial headwinds and struggling to service their debt on credit cards, store/retail cards, overdrafts and personal loans. Indebted South Africans have reached a point where the overall debt to annual net income ratio across all income bands has reached its highest level ever. 14 Mar 2022 Read more

Impact Sourcing Institute of South Africa
Impact Sourcing - the power to tackle crushing youth unemployment and halt South Africa's ticking time bomb
South Africa's unemployment statistics are wrenching, with the recent news of unemployment soaring to just shy of 35%, and to almost 47% if you look at the expanded definition - this includes South Africans who have simply given up looking for a job. Youth unemployment is even more horrifying at almost 67%. 8 Mar 2022 Read more

iContact BPO
Trends shaping South Africa's Global Business Services industry in 2022
There has been a marked increase in the number of first-time outsourcers looking to offshore their customer-service, back-office and technical support functions to South African BPO providers than ever before. 24 Jan 2022 Read more

Shapiro Shaik Defries and Associates
The changing face of debt collection in the pandemic recovery
One of the lasting impacts of COVID-19 is going to be a significant increase in distressed, financially vulnerable consumers, many of whom will find themselves with impaired credit records through no fault of their own. Credit providers simply cannot assume a business-as-usual approach in the COVID-19 recovery stage. 15 Nov 2021 Read more

Future Fit Academy
Tolerance of Ambiguity: A critical future fit skill for the evolved world of work
"Tolerance of Ambiguity" (TOA) refers to the extent to which individuals are naturally comfortable with ambiguous or uncertain situations and have an ability to operate effectively in an uncertain environment by considering a range of creative solutions or options. 4 Oct 2021 Read more

SA Business School
Failure to prepare for learning
Globally, organisations spent $359 billion on learning and development (L&D) in 2016. It's an eyewatering sum of money invested in corporate L&D, yet it seems that for the most part, the return on such investment amounts to nil. 13 Jul 2021 Read more

Shapiro Shaik Defries and Associates
Key considerations in selecting a collections partner for your business
Levels of consumer and business financial distress have significantly deepened since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fallout from job losses, business closures and general decrease in financial liquidity have forced sweeping changes onto how credit risk and debt collection need to be managed. The number of once diligently paying debtors who now find themselves in an untenable bind is growing exponentially. 5 Jul 2021 Read more

Impact Sourcing Institute of South Africa
From spondyloarthritis and a disabling car accident to Impact Sourcing Champions
Ayanda Ntshingila's spunk, positivity and all-round optimism is highly infectious. The 27-year-old mother of two is outgoing, jovial, loves working with people and is determined to make a positive impact on the world. Something she is bound to do in her learner management role at the Impact Sourcing Institute of South where she works with disabled and disadvantaged young South Africans. 21 Jun 2021 Read more

Impact Sourcing Institute of South Africa
Impact Sourcing - the power to transform business and uplift communities through diversity and inclusion
With South Africa's Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry voted the most favoured offshore CX delivery location in 2021 in the annual Ryan Strategic Advisory BPO Omnibus Survey, the burgeoning sector is well positioned to play a critical role in 'Impact Sourcing'. 21 Jun 2021 Read more

SA Business School
The power of learnerships to transform youth employment in South Africa
Learnerships are powerful tools to address an age-old quandary - employers want people with skills and practical knowledge to hit the ground running and be immediately productive, while young people need a practical learning ground to gain the meaningful and valued on-the-job experience that employers so highly value. 22 Mar 2021 Read more

Future Fit Academy
15 Critical Skills to Master for the Future World of Work
Ask anyone what the crucial skills are to compete in the future world of work, and they're likely to rattle off a list of competencies such as coding, robotics, digital marketing, programming and so on. This overt focus on technical or digital competencies stems from the belief that machines and robots will automate jobs and remove the need for human labour and skills in the 4th Industrial Revolution, making millions of jobs redundant. 10 Feb 2021 Read more

South Africa ranked as top Global Business Services destination
South Africa's ranking as a top destination for Global Business Services - or offshoring business processes - has been reaffirmed as the country ranked the second most preferred Global BPO offshore destination in 2020 for the third consecutive year. 12 Jan 2021 Read more

A career in SA's burgeoning BPO sector - a ray of hope amid SA's dire youth employment statistics
Promising youth employment and career growth opportunities as SA's BPO sector makes global inroads 10 Nov 2020 Read more