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Pearson launches 2nd phase of Author Development Training Initiative

The Pearson Author Development Training Initiative will help identify and upskill subject matter experts, from Grade R to 12, who are interested in becoming academic authors. 28 Jun 2022 Read more

Making a difference in schools from the inside out

At the Pearson Marang Education Trust (PMET), our mission for the last 14 years has been to improve the quality of teaching, learning and school management in South Africa. 2 Jun 2022 Read more

Pearson acquires leading online language learning platform

Pearson, the world's leading learning company, today announced it has acquired Mondly, a global online language learning platform. The acquisition will allow Pearson to offer a full range of ways for people to learn and prove their English skills - adding online self-study to its existing diagnosis and learning tools and assessment portfolio. 3 May 2022 Read more

5 ways to help learners avoid academic burnout

The first term of school is over, and learners across the country are now experiencing some much-needed rest and relaxation as they prepare for the next leg in the 2022 academic school year. According to Dr Veronique Genniker, director at Pearson Marang Education Trust South Africa, this is also the perfect time for parents and teachers to reflect on the real dangers of academic burnout. 29 Apr 2022 Read more

New Risk Management edition gives students and professionals the upper hand against a new world of risk

Founder and CEO of Eikos Risk Capital Limited, a London-based Risk and insurance consultancy and president of Norfolk Re, a Bermudan-based Specialist Insurer, Dr Tony Valsamakis, alongside learning company, Pearson South Africa, was proud to launch the fifth edition of Risk Management - an essential textbook for all those interested in a financial services and business career. 7 Apr 2022 Read more

3 tips to conquer exam stress

It may be all too easy to pass off our children's high school exam worries, but their stress is real, and it is imperative that parents help guide their children to cope with these stresses to excel in school and in life. 23 Mar 2022 Read more

Pearson SA rewards Limpopo's best performing schools

Education is fundamental to development and growth. So, it is important that we recognise students' achievements and that we motivate learners to excel. This way, our motivation goes beyond simply getting the best grades, but further stimulates a lifelong passion for learning, says Nitesh Ramlagan, general manager at Pearson SA. 1 Mar 2022 Read more

Navigating the South African Coding & Robotics curriculum

In our ever-changing technological world, the Coding & Robotics curriculum is vital in exposing our learners to new technologies within the schooling environment and building a foundation of knowledge for the Intermediate and Senior Phase. 28 Feb 2022 Read more

Pearson SA bridges the learning gap with quality learning content

As South African learners grapple with the new reality of schooling, the country celebrates a 2021 matric pass rate of 76.4%. Whether that pass rate is good enough to build a positive future for the country is a question that educators ask themselves every year. 15 Feb 2022 Read more

Pearson SA doubles down on digital learning

The rise of digital learning has surpassed all expectations in a world beset by social distancing and an increased reliance on digital tools. During the pandemic, no sector was more impacted than education, as institutions the world over scrambled to keep learning alive. At the centre of this adaption was the evolution and proliferation of eBooks, including various forms of multimedia, which presented an opportunity to not only keep learning alive, but to take it to the next level. 11 Feb 2022 Read more

Pearson making education accessible - championing literacy starts at a grassroots level

According to the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS), 8 out 10 children in South Africa cannot read properly. Pearson South Africa has partnered with The Community Chest of the Western Cape, who, through their education key deliverable, makes books and educational resources accessible to children in under-resourced schools across the Western Cape. 27 Jan 2022 Read more

Mathematics underpins everything we know and can know about the world

Pearson Africa's Dr Benadette Aineamani weighs in on why maths is about more than numbers 7 Dec 2021 Read more

Workforce Skills: How to turn learning into earning

As any employer already knows, finding the right employees with the correct level of skill and knowledge is just one part of the recruitment process. One also needs to look for the candidate that is adequately prepared for the workplace and who can adapt to a rapidly changing marketplace. 8 Nov 2021 Read more

Virtual learning will lead the way for educators in South Africa if they have the right support

Virtual learning could be the best thing that ever happened for South African educators, provided they have the right access. 28 Oct 2021 Read more

The new skills that your future employer will be looking for

The working world is changing faster than ever before, as companies adapt to a rapidly evolving market. An increasing number of essential tasks are being automated, businesses are going digital at an incredible pace, and the competition to stay ahead of the market has never been tougher. This is also forcing more businesses to rethink the kind of skills that they really need in their organisations. 4 Oct 2021 Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Can we codify inclusion?

One of the most important objectives in education is to prepare students for their future careers. Not only does this include skills training, but also developing the ethics and guidelines that will point the way for their careers ahead. Over the last two decades, coding and programming have emerged as some of the most desirable skills for the future. In particular, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have become major focus points. The question is, can tomorrow's programming professionals help us to achieve greater inclusion? 22 Sep 2021 Read more

Pearson PTE launches Secure English Language Testing in Johannesburg, South Africa

In August 2021, Pearson-the world's learning company, announced the launch of its PTE Secure English Language Test (SELT) at Language Testing Centre, 59 Linksfield Road, Dowerglen, Gauteng. These tests have been approved by the UK Home Office and are used for UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) purposes. 23 Aug 2021 Read more