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A tribute to Johnny Clegg from The Web ShackGreat heart... Great digital marketing 23 Jul 2019 Read more

The most simple digital marketing definitions everDigital marketing is full of buzzwords. Some of them important, some of them have more letters than meaning. 22 Jul 2019 Read more

South African marketing in 2019: 5 things you need to knowMarketing is a buzzword unto itself these days and not just here at home in South Africa. The whole world is excited to see what the geniuses of the marketing world are going to come up with next. 29 May 2019 Read more

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Online marketing explained - for non-marketers"Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time" - Henry Ford. 18 Dec 2018 Read more

The black hat trap - SEO practices to avoid at all costsBlack hat SEO is 'frowned upon' SEO practice. Frowned upon by Google. It includes any attempts to 'trick' the crawler, trick the user or piggy back on someone else's work. Google does penalize black hat practice and ultimately, your ranking will suffer for it. 27 Sep 2018 Read more

The 'meme' effectWhy do meme's go viral? What makes people so interested in them? What can you learn from meme's that can change your marketing? 18 Mar 2017 Read more