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Dalitso Holdings was established in 2005 and is now a well-recognised Human Resources Management Consultancy that provides HR Services.
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Taking job flexibility to its limitsJust a couple of decades ago, a job was clearly defined, both in terms of expectations and the required skillset needed to accomplish it. In recent years, technology and innovation has led to changes that require a more flexible approach to employment. This new approach requires a less rigid structure, with jobs being crafted to fit and be aligned specifically with an employee's needs and capabilities. Today that change is on going with many organisations blurring the boundaries between jobs and skillset even further with the current gig economy. 20 Nov 2018 Read more

Temporary employmentGive your employees the work-life balance they deserve, hire a temp this December! 23 Oct 2018 Read more

Disability recruitment results in employment opportunities without limitsEqual employment opportunity for all people. 10 Oct 2018 Read more

All you need to know about Dalitso's improved HR servicesDalitso Holdings' takes great pleasure in introducing its new products and services. 28 May 2018 Read more

Interview preparationA job interview is similar in many ways to a social conversation, but it requires more than just conversational skills. How well you do in a job interview will depend on how well you can elaborate on your accomplishments and qualifications as they relate to what the employer wants and needs. Let's consider next what employers are looking for in a job interview and what your main objective should be... 21 Feb 2018 Read more

Ten common interview questionsToo many job seekers stumble through interviews as if the questions are coming out of left field. But many interview questions are to be expected. So study this list, plan your answers ahead of time and you'll be ready to deliver them with confidence. 20 Feb 2018 Read more

Gallant's vision for Dalitso HR SolutionsCompanies are moving towards making use of specialised niche agencies, rather than sending specs en masse to agencies in general," she says. "They are learning that a focused approach produces faster and better quality results." 20 Feb 2018 Read more