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We are part of the Media24 Group. We have 97 titles. From our Dailies to our Sunday papers to our locals, we reach almost every target segment in South Africa, no small achievement in a country as diverse as ours. But the most exciting fact is how we become part of the community that we serve.
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Ads24: Curating content and creating greatness for winning resultsGayle Edmunds, head of Ads24's new Content Hub, is the worthy recipient of the 2019 Africa Science Desk Journalism Award for Science and Innovation Editor, for her facilitation of "an innovative and educational series on the impact of climate change on agriculture and food security". 27 Nov 2019 Read more

Ads24s spears its first Assegai AwardAds24 is the proud bronze winner for the 'Experiential Media' category of the Assegai Awards for their 2019 Food for Thought event, Robots vs Humans. 12 Nov 2019 Read more

Tribes: Introducing a new way to appeal to readersIn a time when consumers are spoiled for choice, brands have come to realise that for their message to be heard above the chaos of a cluttered advertising environment they need to zone into those consumers who want to listen. Where brands might have achieved success through a "spray and pray" approach in the past, there's been a significant shift in marketing and consumers now expect personalised interactions and connections. 29 Oct 2019 Read more

The tribes have spoken: Unlocking new opportunities for brandsIn its ongoing quest to help advertisers reach the hearts and minds of its broad readership, Ads24 is pleased to introduce its 6 Dynamic Tribes. 16 Oct 2019 Read more

Beware legacide: A lethal killerLegacy thinking is a common mistake in an age where business is anything but "as usual". Speaking at Ads24's annual Food for Thought event earlier this year Richard Mulholland, public speaker and author, said while a business might have achieved success based on certain products and assumptions, there comes a point at which those assumptions "are no longer correct". 20 Sep 2019 Read more

Ads24 scoops multiple MOST AwardsAds24 dominated headlines at this year's MOST Awards racking up accolades across the media owner, newspaper and marketing services categories. 12 Sep 2019 Read more

Humans, AI and the constant march of progressIn 1965 Jules Vern wrote From the Earth to Moon, a then fanciful tale of space adventure. It took more than 100 years before the Americans turned that fable into reality by sending the Apollo 11 to the moon in 1969 and making history when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set foot on its distant surface. 6 Sep 2019 Read more

Ads24's Content Hub offers more value to brands and readersBy announcing the appointment of Gayle Edmunds as the head of its new Content Hub, Ads24 has fully embraced content as part of its offering to advertisers. 26 Aug 2019 Read more

The revolution has been digitised: Technology and the future of jobsWhen it comes to technology and its application in business, what was once a steady march of progress is now a thundering gallop. Digital transformation and its associated applications - AI, AU, AR, IoT, Big Data, advanced analytics - can be a confusing can of worms so it's hardly surprising that many of us prefer to keep the lid tightly shut and simply carry on with "business as usual". 23 Aug 2019 Read more

AI as a tool to advance human evolutionVideo intro: Jobs won't be lost because of AI; they're merely going to change. By embracing new technologies and upskilling accordingly, leaders in the media and marketing industry can use AI to accelerated their personal and their business' evolution. 14 Aug 2019 Read more

Becoming more human in a tech-driven worldAs the advertising and marketing industries experience a shift towards increased mechanisation, automation and the use of AI, humanist Brad Shorkend believes it's imperative that leaders learn to create work environments based on individualised experiences, so that brands can remain true to human values. 2 Aug 2019 Read more

Content that resonates with readers has impact for advertisersAs the newly appointed strategic projects editor of its new content hub, Gayle Edmunds brings her enthusiasm and experience in the journalism industry to this exciting position, having worked most recently at City Press, a publication she served for more than 14 years, the past seven of which were as the managing editor. 31 Jul 2019 Read more

Businesses need to overcome legacy thinking to innovateWhen offering sage career or life advice to angst-filled youngsters pondering their future, there's a line experienced elders like to quote - "follow your bliss" - it's a term that was coined in the 70s by the late Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer and lecturer - the popular interpretation being that if you do what you love, success, fame and fortune will follow. 24 Jul 2019 Read more

Ads24 welcomes the appointment of a new content headAds24 welcomes the appointment of Gayle Edmunds as the strategic projects editor of its new content hub. Edmunds brings her enthusiasm and broad experience in the journalism industry to this exciting position, having worked most recently at City Press, a publication she served for more than 14 years. Edmund's started out on the subs desk before moving to the position of managing editor, a position she held for more than seven years. 16 Jul 2019 Read more

Ads24's Food for Thought: Robots vs humans, the future is nowNow in its third year, Ads24's Food for Thought is coming into its own as a notable annual opportunity to flip perceptions, fire up synapses and get industry experts thinking and talking about the forces (economic, political, environmental and technological) shaping the future of business. This year's event explored the notion of humans vs robots, and offered insight into a world where a desperate need for human connection and belonging square up against formidable advancements in technology and AI. 18 Jun 2019 Read more

Netwerk24's election coverage gets the nation talkingNetwerk24, Ads24's premium home for Afrikaans online journalism, proved itself a winning candidate in South Africa's 2019 elections, by providing up-to-the-minute election results, analyses, commentary and video streaming of events as they unfolded over the week. 4 Jun 2019 Read more

Ads24's Kuier community: Friends, who read together, stay togetherThe literal translation of the word kuier is "to visit", but the actual meaning carries far more weight and is a versatile Afrikaans word, meaning getting together for meaningful conversations over coffee, a meal, a braai or perhaps a few drinks. It's a word that carries the notion of warmth, family and friendship that endures over the years. 14 Mar 2019 Read more

Ads24 Sunday Sundaes: A winning campaignAds24 is pleased to announce Merissa Himraj as the winner of its "What Type of Sunday Sundae Are You?" competition. Himraj won a break for two people to the Wilderness in the Western Cape. 10 Dec 2018 Read more

All the goodness of Sunday with a cherry, chocolate sprinkles, jellytots (and more) on topThe Sunday paper has a longstanding tradition of being an important part of a complete weekend. The tradition continues as new generations inherit the habit from their elders, but with the choice of being able to digest their particular news flavour in print or on digital platforms. 12 Nov 2018 Read more

There's nothing vanilla about Sundays with Ads24Whether your tastes range to dark chilli and chocolate, or you prefer to keep it lighter with jelly and custard, Ads24's series of Sunday Sundae's activations, which kicked off at The MediaShop on Tuesday last week, aims to show that there's nothing vanilla about Sundays. 31 Oct 2018 Read more

Ads24 hosts it popular Food for Thought event in Cape TownFollowing the success of the Food for Thought event held at Hyde Park in Johannesburg earlier this year, Ads24 is taking its mouthwatering lineup of speakers to Media24's Nasdak headquarters in Heerengracht Street, Cape Town on Wednesday for a feast of fresh ideas, intriguing thinkers and stimulating discussion. 9 Oct 2018 Read more

#Ads24Diski18! And the winners are...Ads24 is pleased to announce the winners of its #Ads24Diski18 online tournament, which was live on its website from July to 3 August. Nikki Lewin (Alphabet Soup), Wilise Laurent (Dentsu Aegis), Marizanne Scholtz (HAVAS), Keeva Arnold (TBWA Hunt Lascaris), Ilse Hayes (CARAT), Ricardo Lopes (OMD) each walk away with a PS4 console and official 2018 FIFA game. 20 Aug 2018 Read more

Soccer Laduma and Kick Off: Fan favourites for wide audience reachClint Roper, Head of Content Marketing for Soccer Laduma, talks about how Soccer Laduma and Kick Off are providing a field of opportunity for advertisers. 10 Aug 2018 Read more

Ke Yona (it's time) for #Ads24diski18!As excitement builds for the World Cup semi-finals, Ads24 kicked off its own series of high-energy football-styled activations last week to showcase the reach of its popular mass market titles. Now in its second year #Ads24Diski18! is proving even more popular than last year's event, with agency members blasting vuvuzelas, dancing, singing and egging their teams on in ferocious rounds of foosball mania. 11 Jul 2018 Read more

Win one of six Sony PlayStation 4 consoles and a FIFA 18 game as Ads24 kicks off #Ads24Diski18!Last year Ads24 introduced players to #Ads24Diski, a game that invited agency contenders to flex their fingers in an online battle for the ultimate title. 9 Jul 2018 Read more

Ads24 wins Commercial Innovation and Best Business to Work For awardsThis is a bumper year for Ads24, which not only won the Commercial Innovation Award, but was also presented with trophy for Best Business to Work For at the recent Media24 award gala, which follows the media company's annual conference, Teamspeak. The awards seek to recognise excellence across Media24's businesses in digital media and services, newspapers, magazines, ecommerce, book publishing, print and distribution. 5 Jul 2018 Read more

Food for Thought: Ads24's event of bite-sized insight for leading mindsAds24 hosted its second "Food for Thought" in Hyde Park, Johannesburg, recently for a dynamic morning of insight, debate networking and bite-sized nuggets of intellectual fodder to get the media industry's top minds primed for the challenges and opportunities in South Africa's immediate future. The annual event this year brought together academic Prof. Nick Binedell who facilitated the morning's engagements; the economist Dawie Roodt and the scenario planner Clem Sunter for an invigorating morning of debate, interesting food and challenging insights. 2 Jul 2018 Read more

'We read Afrikaans because we are Afrikaans': The relevance of Ads24 titles to local consumersFrom the early days of its origins Afrikaans has been an expressive and dynamic language that has adapted to suit its needs and times. The first smatterings of Afrikaans were developed as early as 1595 when Dutch and Khoi-Khoin traders assimilated a mutually understandable lingo to conduct business. 9 May 2018 Read more

Wat meme jy? Ads24's Afrikaans roadshow rolls into Cape Town and DurbanWhile the Johannesburg leg of "Wat Meme Jy?" draws to a close, Cape Town and Durban media agencies still have fun and games to look forward to as Ads24's roadshow arrives this week to showcase the value and reach of its Afrikaans titles. 2 May 2018 Read more

Ads24 chosen as a 3x finalist in prestigious international awards for media excellenceAds24 has been chosen as a 3x finalist in the prestigious INMA Global Media Awards, which this year saw record entries from media companies across 39 countries globally. 12 Mar 2018 Read more

Netwerk24 successfully maintains its growth streakFollowing the new offering of Afrikaans lifestyle magazine titles on Netwerk24, the news channel has maintained a fantastic growth streak with a further 16% increase in subscribers in November 2017 followed by an above-average subscription growth of 7% since 7 December, a period where media consumption is traditionally low. 1 Feb 2018 Read more

What makes Sundays so special for advertisersSunday is the ideal day for people to kick back and relax, or do whatever it is that they love best and Ads24's Sunday titles - Rapport, City Press, Son op Sondag and Sunday Sun - are the perfect accompaniment for a serene Sunday, which also makes them the perfect platform for advertisers. 7 Dec 2017 Read more

Netwerk24 boosts advertising scope with the addition of lifestyle titlesNovember has been a record month for Netwerk24 following the migration of popular Afrikaans lifestyle titles to the news channel. 4 Dec 2017 Read more

Sundays are where South Africans get more bang for their buckThe Sunday newspaper is a weekly ritual for many people. They read it alone, as a couple or as a family. Sunday is when people are relaxed and, with their minds at ease, they can catch up on the news and absorb information effortlessly. 22 Nov 2017 Read more

Ads24 offers customers creative tailor-made packages for a great return on investmentWith a wide range and reach of publications across the mass market, Ads24 has proven itself time and again for providing innovative 360 platforms that allow its clients to get their message across effectively, providing great return on investment through tailored campaigns across digital and print. 8 Nov 2017 Read more

How Ads24's passion for soccer can translate into revenue for advertisersCoupled with Soccer Laduma, the recent inclusion of Kick Off magazine into the Ads 24 stable has created a bigger ecosystem for advertisers, media buyers and marketers to reach South Africa's soccer-crazy mass market. 3 Nov 2017 Read more

Ads24 is proud to announce the winner of its #Ads24diski mass-market activationAds24 is proud to announce Rudie Brits, from OMD Johannesburg, as the winner of its popular online Diski competition, which was live on its website for the month of September. 27 Oct 2017 Read more

Ads24 scoops award for its successful Food for Thought campaignAds24 has scooped yet another accolade in what has been an award-full year, this time at the 2017 Amasa Awards, a gala dinner held at The Hilton in Sandton, Johannesburg. 17 Oct 2017 Read more

Why mass market scores best in brand communicationAds24's mass market brands, Soccer Laduma, Die Son, Daily Sun and Kick Off, have an excellent track record when it comes to successfully marketing to the kasi audience, effectively helping brands to reach this sought after market. Lisa Johnston spoke to entrepreneur, kasi expert and author of KasiNomics, GG Alcock, about why he thinks these platforms continue to retain their relevance. 10 Oct 2017 Read more

Five reasons why Ads24's Mass Market is the top team to back your brandWith the recent addition of Kick Off, South Africa's premier soccer magazine, to its stable of publications, Ads24 is now better set than ever before to appeal to South Africa's sport-loving Mass Market. 20 Sep 2017 Read more

Ads24 snaps up best-of-the-best accolades at 2017's MOST AwardsAds24 snapped up two hefty accolades at this year's MOST Awards, proving that they are among the best-of-the-best in the industry. The company won the Media Owner of The Year in the Newspaper category and came second in the overall Media Owner of The Year Award. 18 Sep 2017 Read more

Breaking through creative boundaries and newspaper columnsIn advertising, the way to reach the consumer with the greatest impact is to use creativity to break through the clutter or to be disruptive. These terms are most often associated with out-of-home (OOH) and digital platforms respectively; however, the techniques are just as relevant and equally effective when used in print. 14 Sep 2017 Read more

Join the top team with Ads24's mass market - Daily Sun, Die Son and Soccer LadumaAds24's kicked off a dynamic series of activations in Johannesburg last week aimed at showcasing the many opportunities provided by key players in the mass-market arena - Daily Sun, Die Son and Soccer Laduma. 13 Sep 2017 Read more

Food for Thought: 90% of what executives think comes from the mediaProfessor Nick Binedell gave the audience a lot to chew on at Ads24's morning of “Food for Thought”. This thought leadership event at The Venue Greenpark, Sandton, on 25 May, doubled as a networking opportunity for senior media industry professionals. Binedell looked at socio-economic and political forces shaping business. 4 Jul 2017 Read more

Food for Thought: Brand archetypes and the future of advertisingRenowned futurist, academic and innovation expert, Pieter Geldenhuys, explored the latest technology trends with a forward vision at Ads24's Food for Thought event, a morning of in-depth, interactive discussion, networking, socio-political and business insights and fascinating food. Ads24 provided food for thought and a networking opportunity for senior media industry professionals at this thought leadership event, at The Venue - Greenpark in Sandton on 25 May. 28 Jun 2017 Read more

Rapport's market share amongst broadsheets increasesAccording to the latest ABC release, Rapport's percentage of the market share for broadsheets has increased by 3% year on year (YOY) from 24% in Q1 of 2016 to 27% in Q1 of 2017. 14 Jun 2017 Read more

Ads24 provides Food for Thought about the futureThe recent “Food for Thought” event hosted by Ads24, provided media industry professionals with a bespoke opportunity to interact with internationally renowned futurist Pieter Geldenhuys and heavyweight academic Professor Nick Binedell. Hosted in the heart of Sandton, Rapport editor Waldimar Pelser facilitated discussions on how current and future socio-economic and political forces are shaping the future, and how the latest technology trends may impact the way in which we think our world works. The menu for the morning was as disruptive as the content shared by the industry leaders. 12 Jun 2017 Read more

Ads24 wins an award as the best business to work forAds24 won the Best Business to Work for Award at Media24's annual award Gala on 5 May 2017. This Friday evening event was the culmination of Media24's annual conference - Teamspeak. 9 Jun 2017 Read more

New editor appointed at Netwerk24The quintessential Afrikaans news portal, Netwerk24, appointed a new editor on 1 June 2017, Henriette Loubser, previous editor of Huisgenoot. Jo van Eeden, previously editor-in-chief of Netwerk24 and Ads24's Afrikaans dailies, Beeld, Die Burger, Volksblad and Rapport, will take up new commercial responsibilities as a publisher of Netwerk24. 7 Jun 2017 Read more

Advertising vs adtech - is there a difference?Digital has been a buzzword in the advertising fraternity for some time now. A fair portion of ad spend is being attributed to digital advertising, but is it being channelled in the right direction to get the best return on investment (ROI)? When advertisers put all their focus on getting the most eyeballs for their ad spend, often through programmatic buying, they get a false sense of ROI. Online advertising includes both advertising on credible sites and on questionable sites and it is important to recognise the difference. 18 May 2017 Read more

All the news is always on hand in Afrikaans with Netwerk24These insights about Netwerk24 were shared with media agencies countrywide as part of Ads24's latest roadshow: #inroADS24. 15 May 2017 Read more

NetNuus - bite-sized news and snackable adsNetNuus (JustNews), which launched last June, is like an espresso, it's short, it's quick and it's got punch. It's news in 250 characters with pictures and videos. There are 100 posts in the stream and it takes about five minutes to read the entire stream. MJ Lourens, the editor of NetNuus, shares insights about NetNuus, where it started, the loyalty of the Afrikaans audience and what the app actually does. He explores visual and video content, appealing to baby boomers and millennials, and how to get the audience engaged. 11 May 2017 Read more

Waar of WolhaarWaar of Wolhaar (True or Fake)Have you heard about the latest buzz surrounding the Afrikaans community? It's been all over town - three cities to be exact: Cape Town, Durban and Jo'burg. More specifically in the boardrooms and auditoriums of media agencies, which emanated gasps, laughter and whoops of excitement. Those lucky enough to crack an invite were in on what created all this hype: Jason Goliath, an Afrikaans card game and some of Media24's Afrikaans publishers and editors. So how did this brainchild of Ads24 create all this hype and build engagement #inroADS24 with media agencies and direct clients? 13 Apr 2017 Read more

Newspapers have become news brands as publishers go multiplatformWhen publishers speak of a newspaper these days, they generally mean more than the news print paper that is either delivered to one's door or bought at a retailer. People in the newspaper business know that the online properties of the newspaper, websites, apps and social media, all form part of the news brand. This has, however, not necessarily filtered down to the layman or even, for that matter, to marketers and media agencies. 13 Apr 2017 Read more

Credible news brands are essential in an era of fake newsFake news has been sweeping across the world and it has hit our shores in a mini-tsunami. This is a big issue for news brands, whose credibility matters more than ever before. It is time to sort the wheat from the chaff before the trustworthiness of the media industry as a whole is brought into question. 13 Apr 2017 Read more

Ads24 titles excel at the IAB BookmarksThe IAB Bookmark Awards is the highest recognition for online publishers in South Africa. In fact, it sets the benchmark for tech, digital and leading edge innovation. 7 Apr 2017 Read more

Newspapers and the Fourth Estate - the importance of a free press and what this means for brandsIt is vitally important for a democratic country to have a free and fair media. This has recently been a topic of heated debate in the South Africa's news, or more to the point, an argument about what goes into the news and what doesn't and the implications of not reporting the news, accurately and as it happens. Advertisers were being urged not to support media channels that were seen as not being free. Luckily for South African citizens the Fourth Estate triumphed, proving that we do live in a functioning constitutional democracy, but what exactly is the Fourth Estate, why is it important and what does this mean for brand owners? 25 Oct 2016 Read more