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Gen Z is your future customer. Here's how to engage with them now

Gen Z is the generation after millennials, born between 1997 and 2010. They have grown up with social media and on-demand entertainment and their influence over what's cool, trending, and important shouldn't be underestimated. "We're already seeing the impact Gen Zs have on millennials and Gen Xs when it comes to brand selection, online behaviour, and customer engagement," says Desirée Gullan, executive creative director at G&G Digital. 5 Jul 2022 Read more

How regulated industries are getting results from digital marketing

Consumers are changing - they have less time, aren't brand loyal, are more socially and environmentally conscious, and prefer experiences over products.1 According to a Deloitte study, these changes are a result of climate change, economic constraints and increasing competitive options.1 22 Apr 2022 Read more

How conversational marketing builds enduring relationships with customers

Today's customers want it all-excellent service, quality products and solutions, and brands that engage with them in a relatable manner. 10 Feb 2022 Read more

5 digital marketing trends you need to know in 2022

The good news is: the digital marketing revolution is far from over and it's providing new and exciting opportunities for marketing professionals to raise brand awareness and expand market share. 1 Feb 2022 Read more

How to align your brand with purpose-driven consumers

Today's discerning customers have high expectations from the brands they choose to associate with. According to the 2020 Consumer Culture Report, 71% of customers prefer to buy from brands that align with their values, while 83% of Millennials stress the importance of value alignment1. When values don't align, customers will shift quickly and are not afraid to permanently boycott brands because of their stance on issues2. 3 Nov 2021 Read more

5 trends driving e-learning engagement

Effective e-learning relies largely on engagement. What is it that a specific piece of content needs to ensure that people will engage with it? How do you incentivise learners to keep coming back to explore other pieces of content? What's the most effective and rewarding way to get them to learn what you, as a business, need them to know to meet your goals and objectives? 2 Nov 2021 Read more

How to get bottom line benefit from skills investments

To get the best return on investment for their learning initiatives, businesses need to take the same approach they would to any other element of their operations. This, says G&G Advocacy's CEO, Michael Gullan, means starting with a clearly-defined strategy and objectives. 2 Nov 2021 Read more

How Covid changed e-learning for good (and forever)

E-learning has changed and there's no going back to the way it was. Covid arrived and new technology, such as Zoom, Meets and Teams came to the fore, however not many businesses were ready to take their learning and training online as fast as their other operations and are now losing their competitive advantage as they grapple with how to upskill and develop employees across all skillsets. 2 Nov 2021 Read more

3-step marketing toolkit for regulated industries

Marketing professionals have always been creative problem solvers, and these skills need to be ramped up when operating in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, finance, insurance and hospitality. 6 Oct 2021 Read more

Why less is more on social media

There's no doubt that social media is an essential component of all business-to-consumer marketing and communications strategies, however, the big question is: How many channels are enough? 19 Aug 2021 Read more

Why personalisation in digital marketing matters

In 2011, Coca Cola launched its Share a Coke campaign in Australia, which was a personalised campaign with the most common Australian names printed on Coca Cola bottles and cans. The result? More than 250 million personalised bottles and cans sold over the summer months to a population of less than 23 million people at the time. 20 Jul 2021 Read more

Why you need social commerce

Shopping has always been a social activity. Just two years ago, you would find people discussing the good and bad about their recent purchases over coffee. Today, e-commerce finds people shopping from the comfort of their home, and social commerce means they're still shopping while being social on their preferred platforms such as Instagram Checkout or Facebook Shops. Here's how social commerce has impacted consumer behaviour? 29 Jun 2021 Read more

What brands should know about image and video SEO

For many internet users, buying a new product or service starts with an online search query. In fact, 46% of product searches begin on Google.1 After a search query, search engines return the best possible search results. 21 Jun 2021 Read more

Advertising to a generation that blocks advertising

The nature of advertising shifted drastically over the last year. Not only are consumers seeing less experiential and traditional advertising due to Covid-19, they're also growing tired of the constant bombardment of ads across their favourite media platforms. 28 Apr 2021 Read more

Break out of the inbox with smart brand messaging

In the digital era, it's never been more difficult for brands to break through the deluge of information and penetrate consumers' ever decreasing attention spans. Your brand messaging is one of the most important aspects of a marketing communications strategy. From the language used, to the tone it is delivered in, successful brand messages will result in your target audience resonating with your brand, and be more open to receiving your content. 4 Mar 2021 Read more

What to expect from digital in 2021

Many marketing professionals were unprepared for the digital revolution that came with the 2020 global lockdown and the urgent need for businesses and organisations to pivot to digital. 15 Jan 2021 Read more

How digital came to the rescue

Coasting through the Covid-19 era has its ups and downs. One thing the majority of the world can agree on, is that we're living through a major cultural, economic and sociological event. The scale of disruption has forced communications agencies globally to rethink their strategies, which, for many has meant a radical pivot to be more digital. 30 Oct 2020 Read more

Enhancing brand value through advocacy campaigns

Brand advocacy is a powerful marketing channel at the intersection of e-learning, loyalty and incentives. Leading local and global brands are recognising its value and including brand advocacy in their strategies, with proven results. 6 Apr 2020 Read more

Brand advocacy - the most powerful route to market growth

As marketing communications becomes even more competitive, it's more difficult for brands to stand out. Many smart brand professionals are incorporating strategic advocacy programmes into their plans. Advocacy is the process of transforming customers and internal stakeholders into brand advocates. 9 Mar 2020 Read more

Digital trends changing advocacy and CRM in 2020

While we have seen many developments in technology and marketing strategies over the last decade one thing that remains important to any business is customer loyalty. 10 Feb 2020 Read more

How brand advocacy programmes are proving to be the best investment your business can make

In the digital age, with fleeting customer attention, businesses and brands are looking for new ways to engage with their customers, keep them loyal and prolong their customer/brand relationship. 8 Nov 2019 Read more

Bridging the gap between traditional and digital advertising

In the digital era, there is often a disconnect between traditional and digital strategies, often resulting in mixed messages. This can impact negatively on the ROI of a campaign. 8 Oct 2019 Read more

Why businesses are shifting their training to digital

Think of the world's most successful businesses, not only do they pursue growth through innovation, they constantly evolve through adopting modern techniques to upskill their employees. 10 Jul 2019 Read more

How CRM can add measurable value to your brand

Customer relationship marketing also empowers businesses to learn more about who their consumers are and what they want, making it much easier to communicate with them on a more personal and direct manner. 12 Jun 2019 Read more

Smart email and avoiding the spam filter

What does it take to create an effective email marketing campaign that is not only read, but also engaged with? Mailers must convey a message and create an experience that entices the user to take the desired action. 16 May 2019 Read more

How your brand can navigate a world of mistrust, misinformation and multiple mindsets

We live in contradictory and conflicted times, with ongoing debates around diversity, inclusion, gender equality, identity and hot-potato culture. What's more, consumers no longer trust brands without serious consideration. 27 Mar 2019 Read more

What goes into some of the world's innovative, life-changing cancer medications

Next time you or a loved-one take medication, whether an over-the-counter pain-killer, chronic medication, or a breakthrough treatment, take a moment to think about its origins. 13 Feb 2019 Read more

No matter the colour of your collar, #MindYourBusiness

A recent study by Columinate reveals that nearly 30% of South African women have been victims of unwanted sexual advances in the workplace - 57% from peers and 26% from superiors, the very people employees look up to for leadership and inspiration. 23 Jan 2019 Read more

Know your prostate cancer status with #asimplebloodtest

Did you know that one in 10 South African men will be affected by prostate cancer in their lifetime? That is one man in your life. 23 Jan 2019 Read more

Subaru Southern Africa proves its brand values in the making of gruelling new TV commercial

In August 2017, Subaru Southern Africa proudly announced its partnership with PYGA Euro Steel Mountain Bike team. The partnership included providing three Subaru vehicles for the team. 22 Aug 2018 Read more

G&G Digital launches breakthrough photography and videography services

G&G Digital has officially launched photography and videographic services that break through the noise and hit the creative and strategic mark for clients. The dedicated content team aims to create images and video that drives action with engaging rich media for use across all digital channels. 22 Feb 2018 Read more

Desiree Gullan

Chasing sales targets, managing customers and employees and planning your business's next strategic move leave little time to devise and implement a smart digital marketing strategy. The irony? It's the one thing that'll assist you with all your day-to-day challenges as more leads flowing into your business result in growth, which results in budget to hire smarter people to liberate you from the trenches. 5 Sep 2017 Read more

Plant, seed, grow

Why YouTube is the new learning centre 11 Jul 2017 Read more

Desiree Gullan

It's official: digital advertising has overtaken TV advertising revenue (IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, 2016). 20 Jun 2017 Read more

Desiree Gullan

For teens, life is no longer punctuated by first dances, first exams or first sleepovers - it's marked by first mobile phones. 19 May 2017 Read more

Desiree Gullan

The only thing better than thousands of visitors to your website is an astounding number of conversions. Bumper-to-bumper website traffic isn't good enough anymore if your visitors are just window-shopping, they don't add value to your bottom line. In fact, they end up costing you, via paid search and other digital marketing spend. So how can brands make their websites work harder, and turn high-volume traffic into real leads? It starts with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO). 16 May 2017 Read more

Desiree Gullan

This is the golden age of content marketing and nowhere is this more evident than in digital. Content marketing allows brands to go beyond the product push to entertain, enlighten and seduce audiences with useful information aligned with the brand's strategy and target market. But chances are if everyone in the room is singing, a large number will be off-key. So here are some important points to ensure your content marketing is on-point. 21 Jul 2016 Read more

Boxed in - the great email tragedy

In the current great creative explosion of our time, I'm all for freedom, bucking the system and doing the unconventional. When it comes to the really big things though, one quickly realises that unbridled freedom can be a major bugbear in getting even the simplest things done. 20 Apr 2016 Read more

Getting the PR and influencer relationship right

Public Relations has undergone a massive shift in the past two years with the digital landscape opening up far more opportunities for brand exposure. Everything and everyone is online, and media (in the traditional sense) are no longer the primary conveyors of information. 18 Feb 2016 Read more

Canderel campaign makes sugar feel the Crunch

At a time when sugar's global reputation is at an all-time low as its negative health effects come under increasing scrutiny, leading sweetener brand, Canderel, pounced with an innovative launch of its new sugar alternative, Canderel Crunch to the South African market. 17 Nov 2015 Read more

Desiree Gullan

Social media is nothing more than an ongoing, ever-changing conversation. The discussion topics are varied - sometimes obscure - and the tone and landscape changes quicker than you can hit refresh. 2 Nov 2015 Read more

The good content test

In the midst of the content marketing rush, great content is becoming increasingly elusive. We can't all be Red Bull overnight, but while everyone tries to become a content publisher, let's take a step back and look at what we're doing. 25 Aug 2015 Read more

The G&G digital story

From a two-man start-up in a coffee shop to the fastest growing digital agency in SA 12 Jun 2015 Read more

Desiree Gullan

In South Africa, brand pages on social networks are undergoing an evolution. What began as me-too mania as they all flocked to platforms like Facebook and Twitter simply because everyone was doing it, is now slowly becoming a far more nuanced and strategic understanding of the role these platforms can play in a broader communications strategy. 24 Nov 2014 Read more

Desiree Gullan

How many brands can you think of that are truly rocking the social media party? And by rocking we don't mean posting beautiful images with meaningless quotes that get the perfunctory likes and shares. We're talking about brands that are sparking new conversations, adding real value and seeing results. 25 Sep 2014 Read more

Desiree Gullan

For many brands, Facebook has become about acquiring fans, maintaining high engagement rates and, of course, doing one up on competitors to secure bragging rights. 28 Aug 2014 Read more

Is your brand socially awkward?

At the social media party, is your brand engaging in sparkling conversation or just muttering random facts to itself in the corner? Figure out where your brand fits in to the mix and how to climb the social ladder. 29 Jul 2014 Read more

Desiree Gullan

Behind every successful Facebook fan acquisition strategy you'll usually find an iFrame. Be it a game, a competition or a landing page to direct fans to your other online properties. When done right, an iFrame can take a campaign to the next level, keep your fans engaged and keep your community growing. 27 Jun 2014 Read more

Desiree Gullan

This is an intervention. There are too many brands on YouTube posting bland marketing content in the hope of getting a 'viral hit'. It's painful to see. And it's time for them to hear the hard truth. 27 May 2014 Read more

Desiree Gullan

If Michael Kors declares denim the new black on Twitter, trends will transform overnight. But, if Barack Obama were to make the same claim, social media would erupt in memes of Obama clad in denim suits before anyone can say 'Lee Cooper'. This comes down to the longstanding principle: what is said is just as important as who is saying it. 2 May 2014 Read more

Desiree Gullan

As user engagement increasingly becomes the holy grail of social and digital marketing, gamification and understanding what motivates people is integral. The runaway success of addictive games like Flappy Bird and Candy Crush are prime examples of human-based design at work. 8 Apr 2014 Read more

Desiree Gullan

If entertaining an increasingly attention-divided online audience wasn't already difficult enough, Facebook has made a strategic move that forces brands to invest in advertising. Brands, it's time to pay up or get lost in the digital noise. 26 Feb 2014 Read more

Desiree Gullan

As 2014 gets into full swing, here are five of the top trends that should inform your digital marketing strategy for the year ahead: 24 Jan 2014 Read more

Desiree Gullan

Reputation management has become a buzzword in the communication industry with public relations practitioners around the world selling it as a service to clients. Reputation management undoubtedly remains one of the most important tools in any communication strategy - especially as digital continues to become a preferred method of communication. Peer recommendation also adds to the need for strong, professional reputation management in both the online and offline spaces. 20 Jun 2013 Read more

Gullan&Gullan has hit the ground running in 2013 and notched up three prominent account wins across various industries including Pritt, All Gold and Mitsubishi Motors, in the first three months of the year. 22 May 2013 Read more

Gullan&Gullan recently made the strategic decision to expand its public relations offering bringing new depth to web PR. As part of the offering the agency is focussing on building and expanding its skill set in order to ensure maximum return for their clients. 21 May 2013 Read more

For the first time in human history more than 50% of people live in cities. It follows then that many new and established brands are targeting this urban market, and are doing so with a "cool" brand positioning. How does a big corporate brand reinvent its image to pique the interest of what marketing professionals are calling the "creative class"? 20 May 2013 Read more

Should you gamify your brand?

What is gamification?
Gamification is a digital term that means bringing some of the mechanics and concepts of gaming into brand content. Foursquare is a good example of the use of gamification where users can earn badges and unlock specials by checking in. Gamification used for marketing brands usually involves incentivising users with rewards and exclusive offers, similar to traditional loyalty programmes.
 17 May 2013 Read more

With the myriad of brand messages attempting to engage with consumers on a daily basis, it's becoming more difficult for brands to break through. Which is why selecting a communications agency that has the ability to strategically innovate and the skills to execute break-through campaigns across all 360º channels has never been more vital. Gullan&Gullan is proving to be such an agency, offering a truly integrated 360º communication service. Gullan&Gullan is committed to being brand ambassadors for its clients. And is pleased to have acquired four new clients. 23 Aug 2012 Read more

Beyond the communications agency to brand custodians

While the agency scene in South Africa is rife with specialised large agencies, many of which are affiliated to global agency networks, the trend amongst small and medium independent agencies is to also specialise. This model certainly has its pros, as it requires fewer people who can concentrate on doing one thing well. 15 Aug 2012 Read more

Brands need to do more with less, how should creative agencies respond?

With the property market still in a rut, foreign investment not positive and the ailing Eurozone, South African brands continue to tighten their budgets and put the squeeze on their communications agencies to do more with less. Luckily for marketers, agencies are by nature creative problem solvers - bring us a challenge and we'll find a solution. 2 Aug 2012 Read more

Gullan&Gullan important player in the world's leading indie ad agency network

Gullan&Gullan, which represents the ICOM ad agency network in South Africa, is now a member of the world's biggest and broadest independent advertising and marketing communications network, called ICOM+IN, as two leading global indie networks join forces to form a stronger international resource for clients. 18 Jul 2012 Read more

How forward is your brand's social life?

As marketing professionals you know by now that your brand has to have an active social life. After all, consumers are certainly investing a lot of their time in the social space. According to research conducted by comScore in 2011, social networking accounted for 16.6% of all online minutes and of that Facebook snagged a staggering 14.6%. That said, this article is not to convince you of the importance of ensuring your brand joins the conversation, but to give you some tools on how to ensure you push your brand forward in the social space. 12 Jun 2012 Read more

Be more strategic about your social media

According to the 2010 Social Media Marketing Report, 67% of marketers planned to increase their use of social media channels including blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. As more brands integrate social media into their marketing and communications plans, a social media strategy has never been more vital. 18 May 2012 Read more

One big idea for 360º

At Gullan&Gullan it's been our experience that some clients are inviting their digital, advertising and PR agencies to collaborate in working on one big idea for a brand. At other times, when we are the 360º agency of record we are required to conceive and produce a big idea and apply it across 360º. It's been our learning with both scenarios that what's important is not who comes up with the big idea but rather the quality of the idea and its ability to be applied to above- and below-the-line mediums, online PR, offline and social spaces. 18 Apr 2012 Read more

PR and social media trends for 2012

As PR and social media agencies such as Gullan&Gullan work with our clients to plan for 2012, we're finding some interesting trends coming through, both from our local initiatives and from our global ICOM partners. Here are some of our findings... 13 Mar 2012 Read more

Earned media - the important marketing trend for 2012

Every marketer should be eager to get "earned media" to build their brands online. For those who don't know, earned media, is when your branded content is shared via social media and online influencers. While on the surface it may seem easy - and free - simply create some great content and watch it spread online. Right? 12 Mar 2012 Read more

Tis the season to be gifting

As we approach Christmas and New Year, marketers should be looking for opportunities to harness the "season of gifting". However, with the economy not fully recovered and with consumer's interest in all things "green" and "social", we're anticipating that consumers are being more innovative in how they can spend less but actually give more. 16 Sep 2011 Read more

PR tools and tactics to include in your strategies

With more and more clients turning their focus to PR as a communications tool on its own and as an important part of the overall mix for marketing their brands and businesses, I thought it's about time to share with you the latest PR strategies we're making use of in the PR space at Gullan&Gullan. 24 Aug 2011 Read more

More consumer brands are turning to PR to grow market share

As the Managing Director of a full 360º agency I am always fascinated to see how the various communication disciplines fit into the mix and the virtues of each for different brands and campaigns. With today's empowered consumer and cluttered ad environment it is staggering to see how powerful Public Relations can be for consumer brands - both as a communications tool on its own and as part of the full 360º communications mix. 25 Jul 2011 Read more

Why agencies like Gullan&Gullan are becoming their own clients

Advertising agencies are supposed to create ideas for their clients' brands right? Right. However it seems that some entrepreneurial agencies around the world are starting to create their own brands as well - and in so doing becoming their own clients. 27 Jun 2011 Read more

Great brands differentiate. What are you doing to be different?

If you're trying to find break-through marketing for your brand in the digital and social space you may have to resort to more traditional analogue methods, such as creativity. I realise this will frustrate the bean counters and process people who have been celebrating the measurability of online marketing, but the harsh reality is that replicating what other brands are doing (even if you do it a little bit better) is not a formula for success anymore. 23 Mar 2011 Read more

Small agencies' biggest asset is their youth

Clients often comment that the team at Gullan&Gullan is very young. I always thank them for the compliment because I believe the tender age of our creatives is what affords them their passion, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. 11 Mar 2011 Read more

Trends to look out for in 2011

I'm no futurist, but the more Gullan&Gullan offers its clients digital and social media services the more we have to be at the cutting edge of online communication strategies and trends. Here are some online trends to look out for in 2011. 22 Feb 2011 Read more

How people make buying decisions

I love this industry. There is always something new to be learnt and being on the agency side of the business I am always learning about diverse sectors, brands and consumer segments and buying behaviours. The truth is that our clients are also always teaching me new things. The most poignant of late is that the most important customer is the second purchase. 15 Feb 2011 Read more

Be more sociable. Get more business

Even though my agency specialises in the full 360º communication services, offering above, below, digital and PR services, we're finding that many of our current clients and new clients are coming to us for our social media expertise. We have proven it to be a real hardworking tool for generating new business leads and increasing growth - for both business to business and business to consumer organisations, no matter how great or small. 19 Jan 2011 Read more

The emotional recovery

It's never easy to fervently disagree with a client. But when a brand manager from one of our biggest clients insisted that rational rather than emotional messaging should be our strategy for the next fiscal, I was forced to differ. The purely rational brand communications of recession is over. Today's consumers are seeking to reconnect with brands on a much more emotional platform, which means the rational functional forms of persuasion are no longer enough. 1 Dec 2010 Read more

How green are your online marketing initiatives?

Bet you didn't know that the Internet is responsible for as much CO2 as air travel? And about two percent of total global emissions? 25 Nov 2010 Read more

Forget about consumers and start engaging with people

There's so much discussion about the changes and related challenges marketers are facing in this highly connected, post-recessionary, networked age. What follows is a summary of an interesting book called "Marketing 3.0, From Products to Customers to the Human Spirit" by Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, Iwan Setiawan. It basically explains that the history of marketing has followed three main stages and I will attempt to summarise my learnings. Sincere apologies to the authors for any misrepresentation. 22 Nov 2010 Read more

Two-way dialogue will give you the best brand insights

With Gullan&Gullan's focus on 360º communications - that includes a strong focus on digital - we're seeing an insane amount of data as a result of the many metrics available for the online space. And with all these facts and stats at our fingertips, it's tempting to forget about the people behind the stats. Performance metrics can't tell you what motivates your audience to start a blog, share a video or post about your brand on Facebook. 7 Oct 2010 Read more

Feelings not facts are remembered and trusted

When it comes to brands, emotions mean business. While this is easy to sit at my apple computer and write, it's not always easy to convince some of our clients at Gullan&Gullan to invest in emotion rich above the line and below the line communications, when all they're looking for is to convey their brand's features and benefits, facts and stats on television, outdoor and in print. 22 Sep 2010 Read more

To advertise? Or to use PR? Here is the answer.

Recently a client of Gullan&Gullan's asked the question - When should a brand make use of PR and when should it use paid for advertising? On my quest to find the right answer I happened upon some research conducted by Context Analytics last year. The project's aim was to assess how unpaid media publicity and paid for advertising contributes to brand value. 25 Aug 2010 Read more

Get out of your creative recession

Be warned. Creativity can go into a recession following an economic nosedive. I've noticed this happen to some of our clients at Gullan&Gullan. The reason for this is that marketing professionals, whether brand managers or their advertising agencies, tend to stop approving creative ideas and start staring at numbers. 16 Aug 2010 Read more

A few words about word of mouth

If you think word of mouth (WOM) marketing is last season, you may be surprised to know that this powerful marketing tool has become even more important and turbo-enhanced by the latest technology trends. 2 Aug 2010 Read more

Brand value measurements will add value to marketers

Brand value is a term hot on the lips of most ad people and marketing professionals but unfortunately it does not get the same share of mind by financial suits. So why then is the gap between an organisation's market value and its tangible assets often so great? The answer: brand value. 21 Jul 2010 Read more

Create experiences not just communications

Experiential marketing has been used for decades now, and is increasingly becoming the channel of choice for sectors that have to rely on dark marketing to get their brand messages out there. So why are marketers still talking about brand experiences as the new frontier for marketing innovation? 8 Jul 2010 Read more

Not at any price

As you know, your brand's price-point is a powerful vehicle in the marketing mix to harness sales and meet your marketing objectives. Undercut your competitors and you will gain market share. Right? While this may be true in some instances, in others the opposite is true. I found this out recently when researching a subject called "Behavioural Economics" for one of our clients at Gullan&Gullan, and would like to share some of my findings with you. 15 Jun 2010 Read more

You don't have to be a fan of their music - or their positioning - but as far as debut musicians go, few artists have had quite the zero-to-hero ascent as South Africa's newest anarchic hip-hop trio, Die Antwoord. And as far as South African brands go, few marketers have leveraged social media the way Die Antwoord has to entice fans. 3 Jun 2010 Read more

The argument for social media as a highly effective marketing tool is not new and I'm certain I don't need to waste energy or bandwidth defending it. The prediction that Facebook will be the most dominant online property of the 20-teens - even more pervasive than Google - should tip you over the edge, if you're still pessimistic. 5 May 2010 Read more

Gullan&Gullan ad war

Gullan&Gullan Advertising ruffled a few feathers with a recent print campaign for Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel. 4 May 2010 Read more

Gullan&Gullan gets a public relations guru

Micaela Soliani joins Gullan&Gullan Advertising as General Manager of the PR division. 1 Apr 2010 Read more

Post-recession marketing trends

Forrester's 2009 Global Marketing Recession Survey showed that 71% of marketing budgets were reduced in 2009 and more than half reported reductions greater than 20%. 11 Mar 2010 Read more

Botox - the world's leading non-invasive, anti-ageing treatment - entrusted Gullan&Gullan Advertising with designing a logo to celebrate its 20-year anniversary. 3 Mar 2010 Read more

Launch of Women's Health - one of the most successful magazine launches in South Africa

The launch of Women's Health SA in 2009 caused a stir in the publishing industry. Not only because magazine titles were getting skinnier, or worse closing down, with ad budgets being slashed in the wake of the recession, but also because Touchline Media launched the first multi-platform brand. Women's Health is much more than a magazine. 1 Mar 2010 Read more

Gullan&Gullan assists with Leading Pharmacy brand strategy

Leading Pharmacy - a network of South African pharmacies - looked to Gullan&Gullan Advertising to assist them with a brand strategy and corporate identity for the Leading Pharmacy brand. 25 Feb 2010 Read more

Integrate PR with other tools

Integration is not a new concept. Throughout time, industries with similar formats, products or systems have grown by bringing their offerings together. For example, once-separate grocery stores and pharmacies are now commonly housed together in one supermarket. More recently, Facebook has incorporated Twitter-like status updates into its news feed. The same should apply to PR and other communications channels. However, the opposite is happening. The media landscape is becoming more fragmented while communications agencies are becoming more specialised. The result? A greater rift between disciplines. 10 Dec 2009 Read more

Does your brand stand out from the ad pollution?

How often has your ad agency promised that their concepts will "cut through the clutter" only to blast out more of the same brand messages placed on new urban surfaces, media channels and emerging digital platforms. Unfortunately clutter is leading to more clutter. 2 Nov 2009 Read more

Provide business ideas not just ad ideas

The role of the communications agency is changing. Marketers no longer expect their agencies to conceptualise creative communications and be their media and production brokers. Today's agency should be taking a good look at their clients' business issues. 8 Oct 2009 Read more

Most effective way to get trust and attention

Al Ries in his book “The fall of advertising and the rise of PR” observed that public relations may be more effective today than advertising because it engenders both attention and trust. 7 Sep 2009 Read more

Today's brands are all about engagement

Marketing heavyweights around the world are coming to terms with the fact that consumers control their brands and that this power shift has far-reaching implications. As Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley noted, "We now have a greater opportunity to move beyond transactions to relationships, but to do so requires that we strike the right balance between being in control and being in touch. Ironically, the more in control we are, the more out of touch we become. But the more we're willing to let go, the more we're able to get in touch with consumers." 11 Aug 2009 Read more

Will the real brand ambassadors please step forward

Marketing heavyweights around the world are coming to terms with the fact that consumers are taking as much control of their brands as their brand teams. 22 Jul 2009 Read more

Are you building a business or a brand?

If you're in the business of marketing a product or service, you're probably trying to do both. For some, your business is your brand. For others, your organisation produces and markets many brands. Current thinking suggests that what's good for the business is not always good for the brand. And vice versa. The following explores this, to ensure that your business objectives do not dilute your brand objectives and importantly, to ensure that your brand adds value to your business in terms of real profit. 2 Jul 2009 Read more

PR and advertising - the power couple

Marketers who want to grow their brands in these challenging times are looking to public relations to do more of the work and many are expanding their use of grassroots promotion, PR, events and multimedia marketing. 18 Jun 2009 Read more

Relationships are built on trust, communication and consistency

We're talking about your consumers, not your spouse. Decades ago Walt Disney said, “People spend when they feel good.” This was true then and is still true today. Emotional branding has progressed from fad to requirement in creating longevity for brands. 26 May 2009 Read more

Your job is the safest investment you can make

Property prices are tricky. Share portfolios are not to be trusted. Starting a business right now is not for the fainthearted. The one thing you can rely on today is your steady paycheck. Provided you look after and nurture your job. 2 Apr 2009 Read more

What does it mean to be brand-centric?

Too often when reviewing clients' marketing plans, I notice incongruence between their brand strategy and their marketing plans. Not only that, I see so many businesses marketing their brands without a real understanding of just what their brand stands for and what it promises to consumers. 17 Mar 2009 Read more