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ANC to prejudice 20 million children with proposal to change the RAFThe African National Congress ("ANC"), the dominant political party in South Africa, is pushing hard to prejudice approximately 20 million children, with a proposal to change the Road Accident Fund ("RAF"), prior to the upcoming elections. 12 Mar 2019 Read more

Suspending your employee - the long and the short of itThe Constitutional Court in Long v South African Breweries (Pty) Ltd and Others [2018] ZACC 7, recently held that 'there is no requirement' for an employer to afford an employee an opportunity to make representations why the employee should not be suspended (in the case of precautionary suspensions), prior to suspending the employee. 25 Feb 2019 Read more

JSE business breakfast will focus on intellectual property governanceThe spectacular downfall of health technology company Theranos, and its quixotic founder, Elizabeth Holmes, is a topic of great interest and debate today. Much of their demise can be attributed to systematic abuses of the Palo Alto business' intangibles, or intellectual property. 25 Feb 2019 Read more

Adams & Adams grabs Patent honours at the Global IP Awards in LondonThe Global IP Awards recognise the outstanding achievements of IP law and attorney firms in litigation, prosecution and transactional work during 2018. 5 Feb 2019 Read more

These South African inventors are ready to roll!IDC provides support to new innovation for wheelchairs 8 Jan 2019 Read more

IP is in our DNA! Adams & Adams named Law Firm of the Year 2019Adams & Adams is South Africa's Law Firm of the Year 2019 in Intellectual Property according to Best Lawyers® 7 Dec 2018 Read more

Adams & Adams wins quadriplegic over R16,2 million in settlement against three Health MECsLeading SA law firm Adams & Adams has won quadriplegic Daniel Frederick Hermanus Fleming over R16,2 million in a settlement against the MEC for Health and Social Development of the Limpopo province, the MEC for Health and Social Development of the North West province and the MEC for Health and Social Development of the Gauteng province. 28 Nov 2013 Read more

Adams & Adams - the lawyers acting on behalf of the Public Protector"Today's High Court ruling a resounding success not only for the Public Protector but for the Constitution and the country" 21 Nov 2013 Read more

Fashionably late - protection of your personal name, a priorityIn the words of the famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." But exactly how different does one need to be? Our personal names (meaning our full names, i.e. John Smith) define us from the day that we are born, so, logically, we believe that our names are our brands, and that we are naturally entitled to benefit from them commercially and otherwise. 20 Nov 2013 Read more

A colourful judgementA brief overview of Christian Louboutin versus Yves Saint Laurent American Holdings Inc. 3 Oct 2012 Read more

Jaco Burger, a designer and partner at Die Ateljee will be heading off to Cannes following his win of the coveted Adams & Adams Young Creative Loeries Award. 2 Oct 2012 Read more

Adams & Adams, the largest intellectual law firm in the southern hemisphere, will tomorrow - 19 September - host the biggest intellectual property seminar of its kind on the African continent when it welcomes 50 representatives from 25 different countries to its head office in Pretoria South Africa. 18 Sep 2012 Read more

Internationally-acclaimed law firm Adams & Adams - the largest intellectual property law firm in the southern hemisphere - will host the biggest IP seminar of its kind on the African continent when it welcomes its 47 representatives from 25 different countries to its head office in Pretoria, South Africa on 20 September 2012. 18 Sep 2012 Read more

Much has been written about the Protection of Personal Information Bill - and is at times bewildering to say the least. In this article, Danie Strachan, partner at Adams & Adams provides an overview of the Bill in layman's terms. 13 Sep 2012 Read more

The Copyright Tribunal has decided on a formula that has to be used to calculate the amount of needle-time royalties due to record companies and performers. 21 Jun 2012 Read more

In a recent ruling by the Cape High Court, it was held that grapes and wine are not "similar goods" in a trade mark sense. 18 Jun 2012 Read more

How to rescue your own business when your debtor becomes a business in need of rescuing 14 Jun 2012 Read more

In March 2012, India's controller of patents granted the country's first compulsory licence in the case of Natco Pharma Limited vs Bayer Corporation. 13 Jun 2012 Read more

With South Africa's wine sales having increased by approximately a third in the last calendar year, popping the cork on protection of intellectual property on and inside the wine bottle has become increasingly important. So how do you protect your plonk? 13 Jun 2012 Read more

In the recent case of Adcock Ingram v Cipla Medpro (1) South Africa's highest commercial appeal court has made an important judgement for branding in the pharmaceutical industry. The case involves two competing generic drugs, Zetomaz and Zemax, used in the treatment of hypertension. 23 May 2012 Read more

Starry eyed musos check out your recording label before you sign or you may end up like Whitney or Michael. 26 Apr 2012 Read more

After a 20-year legal battle, the Federal Court of Canada has finally ruled that the well-known roar of the Metro-Goldwyn Mayer lion, heard during the opening credits of movies produced by the film studio since 1924, can be registered as a trade mark in that country. The Registrar of Trade Marks had initially refused an application to register the sound trade mark application on the basis that it was not capable of being a trade mark. 26 Apr 2012 Read more

*This illustration contains matter extracted from media reports, but is otherwise fictitious. 26 Apr 2012 Read more

Winning a coveted MTN SAMA may just be the best thing that could happen to a band or musician! You've finally arrived in the world of music! Or does it spell the beginning of trouble? 24 Apr 2012 Read more

Eight of Europe's biggest alcohol companies, including AB InBev, Bacardi, Diageo, Heineken and SAB Miller have agreed the "Responsible Marketing Pact", being launched to cover the EU. 20 Apr 2012 Read more

Mariette du Plessis, partner at Adams & Adams, says she went to Design Indaba 2012 not quite knowing what to expect - however the incredible creative talents of South Africa exceeded her expectations. 20 Apr 2012 Read more

Colgate-Palmolive has successfully defended a number of advertising claims made in respect of its Colgate Total toothpaste before the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa ("ASA"). 17 Apr 2012 Read more

Bob Marley wrote - "Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights". And that's just what intellectual property law firm Adams & Adams has been doing for the past 100 years. Protecting the rights of those in the entertainment industry, from musicians, and composers, to artists, authors and film makers. 13 Mar 2012 Read more

Keeping up with the KaftansCultural and traditional wear is a source of inspiration throughout the fashion industry. Take the kaftan for example - traditionally worn by women in the Middle East, this garment is quickly becoming a firm favourite with fashionistas around the world. 23 Feb 2012 Read more

Internationally-acclaimed Intellectual Property practice Adams & Adams has been appointed the official attorneys and associate sponsor of the seventeenth annual Design Indaba. 14 Feb 2012 Read more

The National Lotteries Board has acted swiftly in responding to proceedings instituted by NGO Molteno Language and Literacy Institute, represented by law firm Adams & Adams last week. 10 Feb 2012 Read more

The Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy has announced that it is taking the National Lottery to court over claims of corruption in the reversal of a decision to award R20 million per year to the non-governmental organisation (NGO). This comes as just last Friday, hundreds of people representing NGOs took part in a protest march accusing the National Lottery of unfair treatment. 8 Feb 2012 Read more

Bowman Gilfillan and Adams & Adams have agreed in principle to merge Bowman Gilfillan's intellectual property law practice with Adams & Adams on 1 March. This merger will enhance the position of Adams & Adams as the largest intellectual property law firm throughout Africa, and across the Southern Hemisphere. 26 Jan 2012 Read more

Botswana's Competition Authority becomes a reality tomorrow when the country's Minister of Trade and Industry Makgatho-Malesu officially launches the authority's office in Gaborone. 25 Jan 2012 Read more

We were recently notified by one of our Twitter followers of a survey published in Winetimes, where a research panel found that only 18% of wine consumers consider an organic certification to be an important influencing factor when purchasing wine. It appears that pricing and varietals play a more important role in the purchasing decision. 21 Nov 2011 Read more

For centuries humankind has been obsessed with adornment, with many an ancient burial site having revealed articles of adornment, still breathtakingly beautiful, mysterious, alluring and strangely familiar. So what's with this fascination for things beautiful? Countless hours, across many disciplines, have been, and continue to be, dedicated to our better understanding of this, one truth being that it is very likely that this fascination shall prevail for a long time to come. 17 Nov 2011 Read more

Internationally recognised law firm Adams & Adams is set to partner with the Magazine Publishers Association of SA in awarding the Individual Categories at this year's 42nd annual PICA Awards. These prestigious awards recognise and reward publishing excellence in the business-to-business, custom and consumer sectors of the South African publishing industry. 16 Nov 2011 Read more

Brands, designs, copyright and patents - a bundle of rightsWhat is the difference between a brand and a patent and when can I rely on copyright? The public may not always be aware of their rights and when they can rely on them. 8 Nov 2011 Read more

The world of numbers and rappers - Protect your rightsAccording to Lagrange's four-square theorem, seven is the lowest number that cannot be represented as the sum of the squares of three integers. 28 Oct 2011 Read more