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HDI Youth Consultancy works to create value for brands while relentlessly looking out for young people's interests in all three youth markets: tweens, teens and young adults.
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HDI welcomes Junior Board of Directors 2019HDI Youth Consultancy's Junior Board of Directors (JBoD) has been running for the past 20 years. The board consists of a group of young people that are opinion leaders, mavens, and trend predictors. They are hand-picked groups of young people chosen for their cultural diversity and astute opinion and leadership in various spheres of influence. 6 Feb 2019 Read more

What remains when Ocsober fades awayOcsober has come to an end and whether you are part of the movement that went the alcohol-free route, the camp that started or the camp that never joined, you have interacted with the hashtag or heard about it. 31 Oct 2018 Read more

Heritage Month is just a flash in the pan if brands are to win with the youthAs Heritage Month becomes a memory in the mind of consumers, one has to wonder if brands have properly used the occasion to cement their identity and position with the youth market. 2 Oct 2018 Read more

Comic Con Africa is a marker for a thundering shiftIf you've been paying any attention to how quickly the world is evolving, you'll know that young people are no longer happy to be second-class citizens. What that means for brands and businesses alike is that adaptation is inevitable...or become relics of the past like the KODAK and TDK. 18 Sep 2018 Read more

A new CI to match HDI's extended offeringYouth consultancy HDI reveals a new CI, new vision and new name for the future of youth marketing. 4 Sep 2018 Read more

HDI Africa ConferenceAfrica your time is now! This bold statement is turning into a revolution symbolising the strengths and potential that the African continent has. 16 Jul 2018 Read more

Keeping children entertained during school holidaysWith the winter school holidays underway, moms and dads need exciting activities to keep the children entertained. Most parents seek a balance of indoor and outdoor activities. These need to be varied, affordable and readily accessible to keep the young ones busy throughout the holidays. This is a great opportunity for youth brands to come to the party and meet the youth in various spaces, by contributing to holiday entertainment. 6 Jul 2018 Read more

HDI Youth Marketeers spearhead Zimbabwe youth marketingResearch has shown that by 2025, Africa will have the youngest global population. The rise of youth in Africa is unstoppable; currently 51% of its population is under 23 years of age. These statistics are important for every African marketer to understand, and Zimbabwe is no exception. HDI Youth Marketeers, currently present in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, helps brands and organisations to make meaningful, magical and memorable differences in the lives and fortunes of youth and families. 9 May 2018 Read more

HDI Youth Marketeers makes key appointmentsHDI Youth Marketeers is proud to announce the placement of three new executives in the roles of Financial, Customer, and Operations Executive. We are pleased with the appointment of Kim Mukhram, Bruce Smith and Liezl Jansen van Rensburg, who together boast a combined 40 years of marketing experience. 3 May 2018 Read more

Youth Trends 2018Youth are synonymous with having extremely short attention spans. With that being said, the truth is that this is a problem that plagues most of us in this non-stop world of content consumption. 30 Jan 2018 Read more

How to tell an African storyMusic and storytelling have always been intrinsically linked. On Saturday, 2 December 2017, South Africa witnessed this truth in its finest form with Casper Nyovest managing an incredible feat, and making history, by attracting an incredible 68,000 South African youth to Soccer City. The youth were treated to an all-South African concert, which featured the likes of Kwesta, Black Motion, HHP, Black Coffee and Tsepo Tsola. 6 Dec 2017 Read more

Meet newly appointed HDI CEO, Bongani Chinkanda"The best idea wins" are words that Malawi-born, and Zimbabwe-raised Bongani Chinkanda lives by. An avid technophile and youth enthusiast, Bongani believes that now is the time for transformation in the marketing industry, and intends to play a major role in addressing the transformation gap. 17 Nov 2017 Read more

Meet our junior board of directors!Shaping marketing to born-frees with junior board of directors 6 Oct 2017 Read more

15 ways to know it's time to move out and ‘adult'How many times have you been told to wait for the right time to move out of your parents' house and step into adulthood? Quite often, right? 30 Mar 2017 Read more

Design Indaba '17: A youth marketer's take-outsHDI Youth Marketeers sent three members of their creative team to the 2017 Design Indaba (dubbed "the Cirque du Soleil for the intellect") to soak up the creative greatness of the world's most inspired thinkers, creators and inventors. Here are the four key nuggets of creative enlightenment that we took away with us, and how they apply to youth marketing. 10 Mar 2017 Read more

Will the outcomes of the budget speech affect SA's annual youth spend?The budget speech delivered by Minister Pravin Gordhan on Wednesday, 22 February, had quite a number of people celebrating, and some left in dismay. Although youth make up of 50% of the population, does the budget speech consider them as a key contributor to the economy? 24 Feb 2017 Read more

Youth on what not to do this Valentine's DayAah, Valentine's Day... that time of the year where red roses, chocolate boxes and badly stuffed teddy bears holding hearts with cheesy love messages flood the shopping baskets of love-filled hopefuls and obliged partners. Celebrating this day can be a little tricky, especially if it's your first Valentine's date. As the nerves build up, you might find yourself worrying about what you should or shouldn't do? HDI Youth Marketeers posed the question to the kids and teens of their Junior Board of Directors, and they had some interesting advice. Here are their top six ‘no-go' zones for Valentine's Day. 10 Feb 2017 Read more

HDI Youth Marketeers' 2017 youth trendsYouth can be unpredictable – it's the one predictable thing about them. But as Africa's leading youth market specialists, HDI Youth Marketeers, have their finger on the dynamic pulse of youth. Check out the five youth trends that they forecast for 2017. 2 Feb 2017 Read more

School Club's annual distribution of educational contentFor any academic institution, being able to get any kind of assistance from corporates is appreciated because it helps schools make each and every classroom an inspirational space for learning. For over 14 years now, Pick n Pay and youth market specialists HDI Youth Marketeers have been running a platform that helps provide over 3,000 schools across South Africa with over 250 tons of brand-funded educational content called Pick n Pay School Club. 25 Jan 2017 Read more

Introducing HDI's rising game-changer, Miss SA semi-finalist Olin-ShaeHDI's journey with youth, particularly from their Junior Board of Directors (JBoD), has seen a number of names grow from being ordinary kids to names that make headway in the industry with the JBoD alumni including names such as hip hop artist Lesley DA L.E.S Mampe; former YFM presenter, now on 5FM, Tumi Voster; Anthony Bila, blogger; and global pop culture photographer Alex Rawhani; celebrity dentist, former and musician a.k.a. Dr Smile/LexLeo; and many more. 23 Nov 2016 Read more

Celebrating the educators that shape SA's future leadersTo celebrate National Teachers' Month, Pick n Pay School Club spent time interviewing and profiling the educators (who are often undercelebrated) who go the extra mile for their learners, in and out of the school environment. 28 Oct 2016 Read more

What's in store for Jason LevinIn July, Jason Levin announced his imminent departure from Africa's leading youth and family market specialist agency HDI Youth Marketeers. After eight years at the helm, he finally hangs up his HDI-branded gloves, and hands over to the new leadership team - dubbed HDI 3.0 - from the end of September. 3 Oct 2016 Read more

Youthful continent - A playground for both brand and youthIn South Africa alone, youth, aged 24 and under make up 50% of the 54 million population. Nigeria is large and diverse with a population of 179 million people and 250 ethnic groups. Of these people, 92 million people are under 25. Kenya, in East Africa, has a similar infrastructure and business framework to South Africa. With a population of 42 million, they are almost as populace as South Africa, with 62% of the population being under the age of 24. 26 Sep 2016 Read more

HDI's Junior Board of Directors: Future leaders in the makingNow in its 18th year, HDI Youth Marketeers' new Junior Board of Directors (JBoD) for the year 2016/17 was welcomed in an exciting induction ceremony on Thursday, 1 September. Junior Board of Directors was a world first 17 years ago, and is still going strong, consisting of three boards (kids, teens and young adults, each with 12 directors). 15 Sep 2016 Read more

New guard at HDI YouthObsessed with magic, marketing and making a difference, Managing Director of HDI Youth Marketeers, Jason Levin, trades in his youth gloves to pursue a new global assignment within parent group, TBWA\Worldwide. "HDI turns 20 this year, and while I took it to a new place in my tenure, it's time to step it up again. It's been an amazing eight-year journey, but the baton is now being handed to a trio of stars, as I move on to new challenges." 13 Jul 2016 Read more

Shift - Your guide to greatnessShift is all about helping you make the move towards greatness. So, consider it your cheatsheet to shifting your life to the next level. Standard Bank has, together with Africa's leading youth market specialist agency, HDI Youth Marketeers, put together some pretty 'kick-ass', self-motivating hacks to make sure your mind is set for success. 7 Apr 2016 Read more

Once in a leap year, take the time to play!Every four years, February gets an extra day. While most businesses just plough on through 29 February, this year, Africa's leading youth marketing agency, HDI Youth Marketeers, decided to make the most of it. They went out to play! Monday's goings-on were anything but "business as usual" as email out-of-office responses were set and T-shirt-and-takkie-clad staff set off to do extraordinary tasks, all inspired by the company's "Young hearts. Brave minds." credo. 3 Mar 2016 Read more

HDI Youth Marketeers' 2016 youth trendsIt's that time of the year where we at HDI Youth Marketeers look at the youth trends that we rate will be rocking 2016. So, as Africa's leading youth market specialists, we sifted through our trendcasts to pick our top six youth trends for 2016. Drag your eyes away from your Insta feed for a moment and take a look: 9 Feb 2016 Read more

School content aimed at improving education in SA"It's about that time of the year for schools across South Africa. Pick n Pay School Club will be initiating the 2016 educational content distribution from Monday, 18 January, to over 3,000 schools nationally," said Nadine Visser, Pick n Pay School Club Platform Manager at HDI Youth Marketeers, Africa's leading youth specialist agency. 12 Jan 2016 Read more

School toilets on the road to redemptionOn Thursday, 19 November 2015 (World Toilet Day), HDI's newly launched, non-profit company, HDI For Good, launched The School Toilet Project (TSTP) at Kromdraai Early Childhood Development Centre. Aimed at creating awareness around bad sanitation, The School Toilets Project pleads with corporates to assist in joining forces, while creating real change - "one bathroom at a time". 24 Nov 2015 Read more

HDI Youth launches a new non-profit company, HDI For GoodWith its creed, doing good to create great, HDI For Good launched on Thursday, 29 October, at The Main Change, in Maboneng, Johannesburg. Inspired by its core vision to make meaningful, measurable and magical differences in the lives and fortunes of youth and families, Africa's leading youth market specialist agency, HDI Youth Marketeers, launched its non-profit company in partnership with Kliptown Youth Program. 6 Nov 2015 Read more

Ready. Set. Success! takes centre stage with SA youthAccording to the 2015 Sunday Times Generation Next survey, only 42% of teens feel inspired at school. On Saturday, 24 October, youth market specialists, HDI Youth Marketeers, and youth inspirational platform, Pride Factor, launched Ready. Set. Success! at the Sandton Convention Centre. Ready. Set. Success! is a platform jointly created to solve this real need for youth inspiration, encouraging SA youth to stay motivated, especially during this time of the year. 28 Oct 2015 Read more

What makes you truly South African?In celebration of Heritage Day, Africa's leading youth specialist agency, HDI Youth Marketeers, and the YouthTube team have joined forces to share with the world what it really means to be South African. This is all packed into Episode Five of the YouthTube video channel that launched on Youth Day 2015. 25 Sep 2015 Read more

Celebrating the powerful women who grow tomorrow's leadersIn a bid to celebrate Women's Day, this year Pick n Pay School Club honours the (often under-celebrated) powerful women in the educational system - our educators. Since 2003, School Club has been immersed in schools, spending hours engaging with over 105,000 educators in all parts of South Africa, and it is through these interactions that School Club has seen the immense impact that educators have on their learners. 2 Sep 2015 Read more

Popcorn and movies bring joy on Mandela 'Day Week'This Mandela 'Day Week' (why do a day when you can do a week?), HDI Youth Marketeers' initiative, Jozi Cinema Club, is bringing the magic and delight of the cinema experience to Jo'burg's township kids who wouldn't ordinarily get to go to a movie house. This is the second year of Jozi Cinema Club, and the 2015 programme will run over five days in Soweto, Diepsloot, Cosmo City and Tembisa, with the final screening Diepkloof on Sunday,19 July. 21 Jul 2015 Read more

#I'm your future boss!A world first, HDI Youth Marketeers' Junior Board of Directors (JBoD) sees kids calling the shots rather than agency staff. The programme puts together 36 young mavens annually, that then offer marketers the inside track on the pulse of South Africa's youth goings-on directly from "The Board" themselves. Now in its 15th year, the three sub-boards' representatives (kids, teens and young adults) are chosen because they are savvy, sussed and smart. They are selected to enlighten HDI and its clients with their frank and forward-thinking insight and ideas. And the search for the 2015/16 Board is on! 9 Jul 2015 Read more

The future of youth marketing looks bright!"There is no question about the fact that young people believe in brands that invest in their communities," said by Jason Levin, Managing Director of Africa's leading youth market specialist agency, HDI Youth Marketeers. This was among the precious nuggets of insight shared at the Youth Marketing Strategy Conference on Friday, 26 June, at Sandton's Maslow Hotel. 3 Jul 2015 Read more

Do SA's celebs pee in the pool?Well, South Africa's youth weren't shy to ask them, and confess if they do themselves, in the debut episode of YouthTube - South Africa's first youth-driven YouTube video series, brought to you by Africa's leading youth marketing agency, HDI Youth Marketeers. Our youth see the world, and our country, a little differently. From cute kid observations to brooding teen insights, 50% of South Africa is under 24, and they want to be heard. YouthTube is the place to hear and see their views, boos, chirps and cheers! 15 Jun 2015 Read more

Youth marketing pioneer kicks back!Youth market thought leader. Industry game changer. Risk-taking visionary. Education channel innovator. Liesl Loubser has accumulated these and other flattering descriptors along her entrepreneurship journey. 29 May 2015 Read more

Goodwood Primary School hosts Pick n Pay CEO at ShowcaseWith excitement on Richard Brasher's face, the Pick n Pay CEO spent his Thursday morning at Cape Town's Goodwood Park Primary School. The long anticipated Pick n Pay School Club Showcase, themed 'growing tomorrow's leader' expressed appreciation for the 12 years of support. 12 May 2015 Read more

SA youth annual spend over R111bnSouth Africa has a population of 50 million and 52% are younger than their mid-20s. According to research gathered by leading youth market specialist agency, HDI Youth Marketeers, these youths spend R111 billion annually. 2 Apr 2015 Read more

SAICA prioritises youth with bold 2014 strategyThe South African Institute of Chartered Accountants' (SAICA) social vision is to invest in South Africa's economic success through education. 29 Sep 2014 Read more

Passion and tech combine in an inspiring tech firstThe world-class University of Cape Town (UCT) has recently signed an agreement with tech-brand Intel to create the first Educational Technology Inquiry Lab (ETILAB). 24 Jun 2014 Read more

SA's youth cast their vote for the 'coolest' brands of 2014A decade into the celebrated Sunday Times Generation Next Awards, SA's youth continue to guide marketers on what is considered to be 'cool'. The awards ceremony, held at the Nu Metro IL Grande cinema at Monte Casino in association with Waltons, saluted South Africa's most popular brands, products, celebrities and sport stars - as voted by almost six thousand youth aged 8 -23. The event hosted by Highveld FM's Anele Mdoda was topped-off with a live performance from local house band, MiCasa - who were voted Coolest Music Stars of 2014. 5 Jun 2014 Read more

Gen Next 2014: a decade of youth insightsA mix of urban and peri-urban youth aged 8-23 put their heads together every year to give you what is now the tenth installment of the Sunday Times Generation Next survey! 27 May 2014 Read more

World Creativity Day spent in Eco Ranger styleThe long anticipated Eco Ranger competition judging event took place at HDI Youth Marketeers' Head Office in Johannesburg on the 22 April 2014. This date also marks World Creativity Day on the global calendar. Members of the Pikitup and Ogilvy PR teams were invited to an afternoon of identifying the top entries in the Pikitup Eco Rangers school competition. 24 Apr 2014 Read more

HDI Youth Marketeers takes up #NekNominationOn Friday, 14 February 2014, a team of HDI Youth Marketeers' staff took to Bopanang Primary school in Soweto to show some love. 20 Feb 2014 Read more

You Decide presents Future Leaders, the next chapter in the campaign to curb underage drinkingThe You Decide programme has launched the next phase of its campaign to curb underage drinking, with the creation of a new reality TV show. The successful public private partnership between the South African Breweries, National Youth Development Agency & the Department of Trade and Industry, has taken the message of the negative consequences of teenage drinking to close to 500,000 learners in almost a thousand schools. 26 Nov 2013 Read more

A hat-trick for Khumba in SA schools, screens and Wimpy storesKhumba tells the story of a zebra who is born with only half his stripes. When he is blamed for the lack of rain by the rest of his superstitious herd Khumba embarks on a journey across the Karoo in search of a magical watering hole where legend says the first zebras got their stripes. 25 Oct 2013 Read more

Ben 10 Omniverse stunt runs rings around Gauteng publicThe screening of the new season of Ben 10: Omniverse took place at the Barnyard Theatre on Saturday, 31 August 2013. 26 Sep 2013 Read more

Pick n Pay School Club and SMARTIES acknowledge creativity among learnersThis October Nestlé SMARTIES and the Pick n Pay Club will be giving away 100 floating trophies to 100 schools involved in the Pick n Pay School Club. Implemented in 2012, the floating trophy is given to award-winning creative learners whose names are later engraved on the trophies and handed to learners as part of the school's annual prize giving event. 18 Sep 2013 Read more

Staedtler adds colour to children in needMay 2013 saw the kick-off of Staedtler's annual colouring in competition which takes place in 22 countries across the globe. 29 Aug 2013 Read more

Love2Know gets teen girls groomedThe state of South African education has recently made international headlines. Unfortunately more often than not, this has not been for the right reasons. 22 Aug 2013 Read more

HDI builds for youth this Mandela DayThe HDI Youth Marketeers team gave back this Mandela Day through a commitment to contribute 67 minutes to making a meaningful difference in the lives of youth. 19 Jul 2013 Read more

Danone NutriDay schools programme shows growth in 2013Currently in its second year infield, the Danone NutriDay schools programme, aimed at reaching 1,000 schools across Gauteng, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, continues to educate, thrill, and delight SA learners and teachers alike. 27 Jun 2013 Read more

Intel and ASUS take on youth this youth monthIntel has gone to town this youth month with a number of exciting new projects aimed at captivating the youth market. The first of these projects is the dynamic and impactful "Create Your Tomorrow" with Intel campaign. It consists of school and mall activations which are aimed at high school learners, university students and their parents. 18 Jun 2013 Read more

Meet 'n greet with the HDI Youth Marketeers teamName: Jeanine Buhr
Designation: Insight Project Coordinator
 7 Jun 2013 Read more

SA's youths particular about clothes, cars, everything 'cool' at Sunday Times Generation Next AwardsThe much anticipated Sunday Times Generation Next Awards ceremony, now in its ninth year was held at the Nu Metro IL Grande cinema at Montecasino in Johannesburg. South Africa's most popular products, brands, celebrities, and sportsmen and women - as voted by six thousand youths aged 8 to 22 - were awarded at the spectacular event. Hosted by the exuberant 5fm DJ Poppy Ntshongwana, the entertainment included a live performance by rap prince, AKA, a special performance by dance crew, Artistic Intelligence (one of the hot contenders in the Red Bull Beat Battle), with DJ Nutty on the decks at the afterparty. 3 Jun 2013 Read more

Staedtler hosts World Kids Colouring Day this MayWorld Kids Colouring Day was celebrated globally in 22 countries on 6 May 2013! 8 May 2013 Read more

Youth specialists immersed in insightsYouth market specialists, HDI Youth Marketeers, has spent Q1 of 2013 immersed in new and exciting market insights. With youth having an annual direct spend of over R104 billion, HDI Youth Marketeers understands the importance of a deep and broad understanding of this market in Africa and South Africa. So they have been doing that through some probing new projects. 25 Apr 2013 Read more

You Decide charity auction - celebrating successThis March, You Decide partners DTI, NYDA and SAB celebrate a year of continued commitment; and success of the ground-breaking You Decide programme aimed at curbing underage drinking in SA communities. 28 Mar 2013 Read more

JBoD Meet 'n Greet designer Gert-Johan CoetzeeSAFW, in association with Edgars and The Fashion Agent has hosted three successful Designer Meet 'n Greets where the public were invited to Edgars to meet designers and ask them for personal style advice. 14 Mar 2013 Read more

Kyle Rees takes on Hero status with School Club11-year-old Kyle Rees from Richards Bay - "A little boy with the gentlest eyes", according to Pick n Pay School Club Regional Manager Chantel Gregersen - has been named a School Club Hero this February. 28 Feb 2013 Read more

Pick n Pay Heroes Week goes big this February!The Heroes Week initiative aimed at celebrating South Africa's unsung school Heroes took place in schools across the country this February. 11 Feb 2013 Read more

Youth marketingThey may make up 50% of the population, but young South Africans account for less than 20% of marketing budgets, says Jason Levin, MD of HDI Youth Marketeers. 21 Jan 2013 Read more

The Moshi Monster Summer Tour hits a beach near you!Come and join us this December as we tour the South African coastline with our Moshi Monster Summer tour. 14 Dec 2012 Read more

Census 2011: A take on youthThe Census 2011 results were made available on Tuesday, 30 October 2012, and, as predicted, have already enjoyed their fair share of controversy. 12 Dec 2012 Read more

HDI goes pink for breast cancer awareness this OctoberAs part of the continuous commitment towards breast cancer awareness, staff members at HDI Youth Marketeers joined the pink movement this Women's Month to promote the cause. 31 Oct 2012 Read more

Can underage drinking be curbed? You decide.The You Decide campaign has now been taken into its second phase, by youth market specialists HDI Youth Marketeers. And the numbers say it is working. 21 Sep 2012 Read more

UFOs take over the Johannesburg skies...UFOs take flight over the skies of Johannesburg and naturally, sightings are causing a stir. 14 Sep 2012 Read more

Do bad ads happen to great marketers? Khuza results released...The 2012 AdForum Khuza Breakfast - 10 of the country's top brands' marcomms green- or red-carded by some of Johannesburg's top marketeers. 7 Aug 2012 Read more

Pick n Pay School Club launches 10/10The 2013 theme and intentions of the Pick n Pay School Club programme have been launched in Johannesburg! 2 Aug 2012 Read more

Khuza Study 2012 meets AdForum this AugustOver 1000 youths have rated 10 of SA's most youth resonant marketing campaigns! Find out which way the vote went when this year's Khuza Study results are published, following the AdForum conference announcement in August! 26 Jul 2012 Read more

State of Education Round Table elicits collaborative thinkingDespite the controversy surrounding the Department of Basic Education recently, the state of the country's education system made the top of the priority list for a group of ordinary South Africans brought together by Argo: a local media company working in the youth and education sectors. 11 Jul 2012 Read more

2012 Coolest Brands announced at Sunday Times Generation Next AwardsThe who's who of celebrities, brands and some of South Africa's most influential kids made their way to the Monte Casino Il Grande Theatre & Lounge on Thursday 31 May to witness the announcement of the country's Coolest Brands. 5 Jun 2012 Read more

Sunday Times Generation Next Awards to reveal coolest brandsThe Sunday Times Generation Next awards are set for 31 May 2012! With Bonang Matheba (2011 Coolest Local Female TV Star) as host, and entertainment provided by award-winning local band Liquideep, the event that awards the country's coolest brands promises to be a dazzling occasion. 11 May 2012 Read more

Local celebs speak out on bullying in SA schoolsWith the movie 'Bully' making international headlines since its recent release in some parts of the world, the bullying phenomenon is creating a buzz. 24 Apr 2012 Read more

HDI Youth Marketeers celebrating magic this EasterWith just a couple of weeks remaining before the start of the Easter holidays, HDI Youth Marketeers celebrates the season with three events which coincide with the end of our first quarter. 20 Mar 2012 Read more

Granting small wishes fuels the festive spiritTo celebrate their 15th birthday, HDI Youth Marketeers chose to throw a celebration for those at the core of their business: the youth. HDI contacted 15 youths in four provinces to see how they could make a wish of theirs come true. The wishes came in all shapes and sizes. 15 Dec 2011 Read more

Home-grown youth marketing company celebrates milestone birthdayAt HDI Youth Marketeers, we have the privilege of interacting with thousands of young South Africans and Africans daily. We are inspired by them, delighted by, challenged by them, and often touched by them. Being at the 'coalface of youthdom' means we get to meet some extraordinary kids and teens. And that's what we are celebrating as we turn 15 years old this November. 9 Nov 2011 Read more

SA youth market specialist company opens doors in KenyaWith fifteen years of youth marketing experience under their belt, home-grown youth specialist company HDI Youth Marketeers has officially launched in Kenya after being in operation in the country for several months. HDI has been up and running in Lagos since mid-2009 and Kenya marks the company's move into East Africa. 19 Oct 2011 Read more

Khuza Awards 2011 - 1,000 judges, 100 adverts: youth vote revealedSince 2004, The Khuza Awards have identified which adverts and brand communication earn the thumbs up from youth (ages 8-23). Last night, this year's winners were honoured at the awards event hosted at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton. 25 Aug 2011 Read more

1,000 youth rate 100 ads: did yours stand out?Whose ads get the thumbs up from South African youth? Now in its seventh year, the Khuza Awards tells us. HDI Youth Marketeers conducts the study behind the awards and, in 2011, took 100 of the country's top ads to 1,000 youth for judging. So, who came out smiling? BMW or Merc? Coke or Sprite? KFC or Chicken Licken? 10 Aug 2011 Read more

The cream of South Africa's celebrities, brands and marketers attended the seventh annual Sunday Times Generation Next 2011 Brand Survey Awards, which took place at the Theatre on the Track at Kyalami on Tuesday, 24 May 2011. 26 May 2011 Read more

Corporates to rise to Deputy President's education crisis challenge?This week Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe called on corporate South Africa to work with government to invest in education upliftment programmes. The good news is that headway has already been made on this front by certain South African corporates like Pick n Pay, Reckitt Benckiser, Incolabs, Bokomo and Glaxo-SmithKline. In 2011, they will be joined by NCP and Tiger Brands, but they will need other groups to join the rally if public-private partnerships in education are to have the desired effect. 3 Dec 2010 Read more

Sizzling summer fun with Cartoon Network"Our events are geared to making sure that kids have fun," says Jason Levin, MD at youth market specialists HDI Youth Marketeers. The company has just rounded up a jam-packed month of fun-fuelled activities for kids. "We bring Boomerang and Cartoon Network's much loved characters to life and create real life opportunities for kids to run amok and do activities with them," he says. 9 Nov 2010 Read more

HDI Youth Marketeers score top BEE ratingYouth market specialist company, HDI Youth Marketeers has received unparalleled Level I AAA+ status from Empowerdex moving up from their Level II BEE status in 2009/10. The company received top scores for both Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development. 3 Nov 2010 Read more

Khuza Awards 2010 - our judges have upped their game, have you?Since 2004, The Khuza Awards have identified which adverts and brand communication earn the thumbs-up from youth. This year, the Khuza Awards reflect the opinions of over 2,500 young South Africans (8-22 years) from six provinces regarding four categories of work: TV, print, outdoor and radio. Young urbanites have grown up on a media-rich diet, richer than their parents and Generation X, and they consume and respond to media and brand communication very differently as a result. This makes a youth study that covers youth media and advertising essential to the marketing industry. 2 Aug 2010 Read more

Changing South Africa: one piece of plastic at a timeGetting South Africans excited about recycling is, at best, a big ask. Not surprisingly, most companies would rather focus on other ways to enchant their customers than rally them around an environmental or recycling cause. And HDI Youth Marketeers' research has shown that although more sensitised to it than the generation older than them, our youth are also not natural ‘eco rangers'. Way behind our European and American counterparts, recycling is not top of many households', or teens', agendas. Luckily, a number of HDI's clients and partners have decided that 2010 is a good year to turn that tide. 29 Mar 2010 Read more

SA Kids' Coolest Cartoon is a force to be reckoned with...This week The Ben 10 at Gallagher Expo's inaugural success was awarded silver for the ‘Most Memorable Event of the Year' in the In-house category at the annual EXSA (Exhibition Association of South Africa) Awards. The objective of this awards ceremony is to recognise excellence (in EXSA members) in the expo industry and the players' various fields of expertise, and showcase world-class standards in marketing events to exhibitors and visitors. 3 Dec 2009 Read more

Ben 10 at Gallagher Convention Centre takes Johannesburg by stormIn a first for Gallagher Convention Centre, the Ben 10 experience held over the weekend of 26-29 June was a runaway success. 30 Jun 2009 Read more

Ben 10 at Gallagher - alien superheroes are coming to townSomething out of this world is coming to Gallagher Convention Centre this June... the Ben 10 event will ensure that fans young and old will have a super alien time! 18 Jun 2009 Read more

The Sunday Times Generation Next Survey results are out! The coolest brands have been revealed! At a lavish awards ceremony at The Venue, Melrose Arch, the coolest of the coolest brands were given the thumbs-up as well as a slice of the limelight. 1 Jun 2009 Read more

Youth and the power of cool: Generation Next and the business of brandingThe jury is in and the votes are being counted. South Africa's youth have voted! The ‘Coolest Brands' in the country are about to be revealed in the Sunday Times Generation Next Survey to be published on 31 May 2009, following the awards event on 28 May at The Venue, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. 15 May 2009 Read more

HDI Youth Marketeers takes on Africa: Mark Williams appointed as MD in NigeriaYouth market specialists, HDI Youth Marketeers has been actively involved in creating valuable youth platforms and campaigns in the local market for over a decade. And now its expansion into the rest of Africa will be heralded by the company's launch in Nigeria in May. 6 May 2009 Read more

Lovemarks guru says this industry must topple tough timesBut how is youth responding to the ‘recession blues'? Hundreds of industry players descended on Kyalami's Theatre on The Track for the seventh, celebratory AdReview Awards held on 23 April. World renowned industry guru, Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi - who coined the term ‘Lovemarks' - took to the stage amidst the circus-themed drapes and décor to hammer home his experience of the current recession, and the toll it is taking on the Western psyche. He described its effect as “a catastrophe in the minds of the American people”. In his no-holds-barred description of the current consumer market, Roberts unpacked the depth of the plummeting confidence levels now characterising huge chunks of the industry overseas. 4 May 2009 Read more

School Club: another Pick n Pay success!Pick n Pay seems to be steaming ahead on a road flanked by laurels. The end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 have seen this iconic South African brand win the Pica for Best Customer Magazine (Fresh Living); World's Top Retailer; South Africa's Coolest Grocery Retailer for the fourth year running in The Sunday Times Generation Next Awards, and now the supermarket chain has been given another double thumbs up: this time by South Africa's teachers. 27 Feb 2009 Read more

Kids need shoes!For many of South Africa's city slicker kids, a new year involves a frenzied shopping spree to stock up on new school gear. However, hundreds of thousands of less fortunate learners are lucky just to get the back-to-school basics on the family's shopping list, and expensive items like school shoes are luxuries. Because of their work in the South African school landscape, HDI Youth Marketeers finds this even more worrying than most. 6 Feb 2009 Read more

South Africa's youth know who's topsFor four years running, young South Africa has voted Pick n Pay as the Coolest Grocery Store in the Sunday Times Generation Next Brand Preference Survey conducted by HDI Youth Marketeers and Monash University. Now, the international retail community has followed suit, by giving Pick n Pay the same kudos. 16 Jan 2009 Read more

Grow your life: sowing the seed of self-employmentWe all know that education is one of South Africa's most daunting challenges. But it is not terrain that the country's marketers normally feel comfortable taking on. And the proactive development of our youth isn't only about ensuring the future of the marketing industry, but the future. Period. 24 Nov 2008 Read more

Cupcakes and champagne celebrate courageOctober is acknowledged the world over as Breast Cancer Month. Last week, youth market specialists, HDI Youth Marketeers, hosted an intimate Pink Ribbon Breakfast to honour the courage of a long-serving member of the HDI team who was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. 29 Oct 2008 Read more

Youth University's Summer School 2008: Taking brands from ho-hum to sizzlingWhat happens when you take 50 marketers out of the comfort of their corporate environment for two days, add them to a room full of very zealous Honours students and expose them to the bleeding edge, youth space opinions of educators, culture icons, media gurus and tech geeks? This is exactly what HDI Youth Marketeers' first-ever Summer School set out to achieve: a shake-up. 25 Sep 2008 Read more

Pick n Pay School Club gives learners the opportunity to change their futureHow many youths connect school work with having fun? What is often forgotten is that enjoyment stimulates the learning process and fuels learner participation - making it a crucial teaching tool. 17 Jun 2008 Read more

Sunday Times Generation Next Awards 2008Every year the Sunday Times Generation Next event brings together the top dogs in the youth marketing space to announce the year's coolest brands as polled in an extensive brand preference study of urban South African youths between the ages of eight and twenty-two years of age. 22 May 2008 Read more

Khuza winners announcedThe ads that make South African youths laugh, cheer and shout have been revealed! The winners of the 2008 Khuza Awards were announced in Johannesburg on 14 May. 15 May 2008 Read more

May is mega-youth monthThe month of May casts the spotlight on South African youth's brand preferences. Two awards events will celebrate who is getting it right and see the release of the results from two extensive studies: Sunday Times Generation Next (brand preference) and the Khuza Awards (advertising and communications). 7 May 2008 Read more

A new brand order driven by youthLast year, futurist Faith Popcorn introduced the idea of ‘Liquid Brands': brands that respond to increasingly capricious consumers. 22 Apr 2008 Read more