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DStv is a video entertainment company owned by MultiChoice.
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Cheaper, faster internet access is essential to bridging the digital gap
According to the Kepios Digital 2022: South Africa report, 41.19 million of South Africa's population are active internet users - putting internet penetration at 68%. That also means that 31.8% of the population remain offline and unable to enjoy access to streaming content, social media platforms, essential online services or participate in the digital economy. 1 Nov 2022 Read more

The DStv Content Creator Awards are focused on South Africa and its rich content creation landscape
Those who follow entertainment industry news are aware that every year, at the start of awards season, there are a number of conscientious objectors who stand around the proverbial water cooler and ask "Why do we need award shows in this day and age?" 19 Sep 2022 Read more

Local establishments show love to DStv Business offerings
With DStv Business, you can keep up with news, sport, and entertainment no matter where you are - away on holiday, out for a meal or during a break at work. Local establishments choose DStv Business to enhance their customer experience and set their business apart from competitors. 17 Feb 2022 Read more

DStv BoxOffice reveals Every Day Is Halloween For Women campaign to help fight gender-based violence
According to the South African Police Services Annual Crime Statistics Presentation, April 2019 - March 2020, approximately 2,695 women are murdered in a year, and every three hours a woman is killed. These are not titles for a blockbuster horror movie - they are gender-based violence (GBV) statistics in South Africa. 15 Dec 2021 Read more

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