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Biodegradable Future Press Office
Biodegradable Future is a major distributor of organic additives that help plastic products biodegrade. Our additives do not change the appearance or characteristics of your product, but simply enable microbes to consume the plastic in landfills, oceans and soils.
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Vita Go Beverages introduces biodegradable bottlesBiodegradable Future is pleased to announce that Vita Go Beverages will be rolling out with Biodegradable Future Bottles. The companies are at the forefront of their industry and this alliance further strengthens the companies product offering while keeping health and sustainability at the top of the brands focus. 24 Nov 2020 Read more

Biodegradable Future starts production of biodegradable bottles and bagsBiodegradable Future is a major supplier of biodegradable additives that break plastic down into biomass. The company has started production of it's own range of biodegradable bottles and bags. These products are of a commercial grade quality with no changes to quality and shelf life of the finished products. 1 Oct 2020 Read more

Filtech collaborates with Biodegradable Future to produce Biodegradable PPEThe Covid-19 pandemic has increased the amount of single-use products used by the health industry and the general public, with disposal masks being a recommendation for daily use and wear in many countries worldwide now. 28 Sep 2020 Read more

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