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about us

Fusing sports entertainment, and digital innovation to deliver truly ground-breaking sporting theatre. Integrating the high-octane world of real horse racing with a 21st-century, immersive, virtual horse racing experience.

Creating unparalleled engagement opportunities and the ultimate experiential platform, whether it's at the racecourse, on the move on your mobile or at home on the sofa.

Global Team Horse Racing is an innovative format, specifically aimed at a new generation of fans. A game-changer, it is the definitive team-based product uniquely merging live and digital elements into a fast-paced, exciting product.

With a comprehensive and cohesive monetisation approach to diversify revenue streams and to keep the business flexible for the future. A key focus is on leveraging new technologies to ensure that Global Team Horse Racing is a modern sports entertainment company.

Leaders of the #RacingRevolution.