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about us

We've redefined the town square experience for brands.

Some of the most significant moments in our history have started with someone standing up on a crate in the middle of their hometown with a megaphone, making their case, and getting a visceral response from their audience. But in recent times, brands have become lost behind a screen. No one can deny the simple effectiveness of physical presence and word of mouth anymore. The last few years have taught us that much.

CliqueMedia owns the last mile of the informal economy. We've leveraged our parent company CliqueFin's network to connect brands with over 30 million people across 140,000 locations around the country and harnessed the insights of the broader group of CliqueFin's investments to tap into the psychology, consumer behaviour, and financial lives of consumers that make up the "mass market". These are the unsung everyday heroes of the informal economy, hard-working and upwardly-mobile South Africans who haven't had the chance to connect with your brand yet.