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about us

SA Business School (SABS) is a SETA-accredited training provider that focuses on management development, learnerships and highly tailored training programmes for the Global Business Services sector. All our training and executive courses are delivered by distinguished faculty and subject-matter experts.

Founded in 2015, SA Business School has trained thousands of students. We are equipped to analyse your organisation's specific needs, deliver an effective training solution that ensures your staff obtain the right qualification, in the most cost-effective manner. Our flexible approach to training means delegates can be trained onsite at our campuses, or online.

Through our SETA accredited learnerships, we provide companies with everything they need to achieve maximum BEE points in the skills development section of their scorecard. In addition, due to the range of companies in the group, we are able to recruit, train, host and employ. We can also guide you in maximising the various government grants, rebates and incentives, where applicable. You can also take advantage of our services in Supplier and Enterprise Development, Procurement and Socio-Economic Development.

We are proud to be investing in the development of people. We seek to make a genuine, positive impact on society, shaping a global mindset that understands the diverse cultural and social dimensions that influence business worldwide.