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Wingu Academy, an online school for students from the ages 6 - 19 years, is extending its already local and global footprint even further with their mid-year 2022 intake. What makes this a remarkable feat is that Wingu Academy has only been in operation for two years and already has students from 21 countries ranging from UK, Turkey, Namibia, and greater Africa, to mention just a few. Wingu has now launched a global campaign to enrol more students across the globe for its Mid-Year September 2022 intake.

The Academy started during the pandemic offering the sought-after British International Curriculum and extended to offer SACAI accredited CAPS for Grade 10 from January 2022. At the same time a Learning Hub was created in Centurion Gauteng to host students from the surrounding areas to access their learning platform.

The Academy's offering is unsurpassed and based on a unique research-based education model developed by a group of EdTech entrepreneurs and subject experts. The Wingu teaching methodology follows a bespoke blended-learning approach that includes asynchronous (self-paced, student-led) and synchronous (interactive live classes) learning, enriched with animations, video content, infographics, gamification and simulations to cater for the major types of learning styles (visual, auditory, reading/writing, kinaesthetic learning styles) and implementing constructive feedback in continuous assessments providing a wide variety of choices to support individual students.

Our online school is well-suited for full-time students, global citizens that travel frequently, star athletes that need to focus on training but still want an internationally recognised education, and students that would like to further their studies at world-class universities across the globe.

Our dedication to provide affordable online schooling through innovation rooted in excellence has paid off. Wingu Academy has now become a top-rated online school in Southern Africa.

Our curricula are world-wide recognised and enriched with what is called our Kukua Programme which include subjects like various foreign languages, software development, robotics, coding, global perspectives, and entrepreneurship programmes. These subjects not only equip students with 4IR skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and emotional intelligence from an early age, but also prepares them for the Future of Work.

We also boast our own Wellness Hub for students, parents, and staff members with a specific focus on academic and mental health well-being conducted by trained mental health care professionals, learning coaches and through various academic support and intervention programmes. We have a saying; 'At Wingu Academy no Wingulian gets left behind'.

A Wingulian is defined as a thriving, forward-thinking individual who sees all problems as exciting challenges and failures as learning experiences. The Wingulian culture is very prominent and loved by students, parents, and staff members alike, proudly living their values and guiding principles.

Although students are studying online this has not stopped the us from offering our Wingulians 10 social clubs under the auspices of the Student Development team, varying from photography to fitness to anime and of course, a gaming club. We even have our own Minecraft server where students can interact and play their favourite game in a safe environment with friends from all-over the world.

We offer various leadership opportunities through our Wingu Cares Foundation, which is fully run by students with the aim to apply Sustainable Development Goals through community outreach and various charity initiatives.

The landscape of schooling, and specifically online schooling, has evolved significantly in the past two years and Wingu Academy has fully embraced the challenge to exceed expectations and offer the future classroom today, wherever you may find yourself.

For more information download our Prospectus.