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about us
We are a technology company that enables our clients to make bold decisions that improve their businesses by providing them a way to gather, analyse and act on customer experience data. Our customers achieve this by embedding our proprietary platform, Eyerys, into their business to survey their customers after each interaction or transaction, or using our technology and expert team to conduct market research studies, thus gathering real-time results and deep insights that can be acted upon.

Eyerys is a multi-channel survey platform that has successfully been used in industries ranging from telecommunications to retail and financial services. We initiate over 19 000 000 million surveys per annum, across every continent. With more than 60 000 agents and 15 000 touchpoints measured, we are big enough to handle enterprise requirements and passionate enough to help emerging businesses grow. Customers using Eyerys have seen benefits that include improvements in customer experience, product innovation, brand positioning and employee performance all translating into top line revenue.

We focus on two things; firstly, ensuring our technology offers the best customer insight and VOC solution possible, and secondly, ensuring that our customers are enabled with insights and data that create measurable impact in their organisations. Through a partnership with Smoke CI our customers have the data, the insights and the support they need to make bold, customer-led decisions that transform their customer experience and improve their businesses. An organisation that listens, will win. An organisation that uses the data gathered to make bold changes, will win. An organisation enabled by Smoke CI, will win.


Touchpoint surveys

Every time your customer interacts with your business you have the opportunity to delight and understand them. From online purchases, through to claim submission, patient admission, onboarding and service your customers have unique journeys and moment-of-truth. Insight at each transaction empowers you to be better every step of the way.

Contact Centre Post-Call feedback

Often the single biggest customer touchpoint, the contact centre is a key source of both customer satisfaction and insight. Feedback after any customer interaction with the contact centre, via voice, email, SMS or webchat provides insight into agent performance, process and customer experience.

B2B Customer Engagement

With high value, long term B2B relationships, customer feedback from across buyer persona's provides holistic insight into contract health and provides the insight needed to create value and retain contracts. Whether from periodic relational surveys or in-depth C-Suite interviews, customer insight in the B2B environment is key driver of customer strategy and a competitive advantage.

Employee Engagement

Customer satisfaction can only be delivered by an engaged workforce and gathering employee feedback offers insight into the employee experience and adds additional depth to customer insights. Ranging from daily dipstick surveys to annual cultural alignment or value chain studies, understanding employee experience creates the insight necessary to improve customer and employee value.