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about us
The AFRI.CAN™ vision is to industrialize rural Africa with complete, strong, sustainable and smart AFRI.CAN™ micro-factories, business incubators and agro-processing facilities for SME's of entrepreneurs and cooperatives.

AFRI.CAN™ is committed to help revolutionize the agricultural economy of Africa. Countries such as India and China became giant economies through small scale and low-tech processing similar to what AFRI.CAN™ offers. Africa is rich and blessed with good soil, good water, and good people producing good produce. Every village deserves an industry, a place where youth can learn skills, where women can be empowered, where those without jobs can be employed or become self-employed as entrepreneurs.

The team of AFRI.CAN™ learn from communities by asking emerging farmers what they need, and only then custom solutions are developed together. Whatever the local produce, a solution for processing, preserving and packaging is found. AFRI.CAN™ micro-factories are container canned processing units built to be food-safe, durable, secure, and able to function sustainably. AFRI.CAN™ is changing the African landscape, not only by adding value to rural economies, but also restoring dignity and changing the way people think.

AFRI.CAN™ micro-factories offer keys to possibility, to food security, pro-poor development, best practices, social responsibility and sustainability. We see the African continent dotted with these micro-factories for grass roots industrialisation, empowering people from various agricultural sectors with skills, income and hope.