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about us
Biodegradable Future is a major distributor of organic additives that help plastic products biodegrade. Our additives do not change the appearance or characteristics of your product, but simply enable microbes to consume the plastic in landfills, oceans and soils.

With the staggering number of plastic products that end up in landfills every year, there is pressure for companies to clean up their business practices and find alternatives when it comes to packaging and product design. There are a number of reasons why our additives are an excellent option for any company who wants to be environmentally conscious while working with plastics. Our additives:

Maintain the strength of the plastic
  • Are cost-effective and easily implemented
  • Are versatile and adaptable to your needs
  • Have been tested and proven to work
  • Over 90% of all plastic ends up in landfills, our product is designed to ensure that this stops becoming a problem.
    what is it?

Our additive is an organic polymer that is added to plastic during the manufacturing phase. While the additive attracts microbes in controlled microberich environments, the product itself is free from the organism. The product is safe to use and has been classified non toxic having been tested and certified as FDA compliant.

how it works?

Our additive makes plastic react better with microbes, allowing them to consume it. Adding it to a petroleum based resin assists in attracting microbes to the plastic product so that they can proceed in colonising the surface of it. When the colonisation is complete, the microbes proceed to break down the polymer chain while utilising the plastic as food.

why use it?

A staggering 91% of plastic ends up in landfills, it's time that businesses take responsibility and find ways to help turn this around. Plastic is the cheapest form of packaging, which makes it so popular. But now, by using our additive, you can continue to keep production costs low while making landfills 100% biodegradable.


According to GreenPeace, less than 10% of the plastic we produce has been recycled, because recycling is expensive. What happens to the other 90%? It pollutes our landfills, oceans and groundwater for hundreds, even thousands of years.

What is the solution?

Biodegradable Future is a lead supplier of plastic additives that are changing the way we work with plastic. We have developed an additive will not compromise the physical characteristics of your plastic goods, will not negatively impact the recycling process or combustibility and, if it ends up in a landfill, ocean or soil, it will naturally biodegrade.

Concerned about unplanned or premature biodegration?

Plastic treated with our additive has the life span equivalent to untreated plastic in environments such as retail stores, warehouses, offices etc. These environments do not provide the conditions necessary for the biodegration process to take place. In fact, active biodegration environments require bacterial and fungal colonies found in landfills. Those conditions are ideal for the microbes to colonise on the plastic product and begin digesting the smaller polymer compounds.

Learn more about the full biodegration process here.

* The biodegradation rate depends on the biologically-active landfills and according to the type of plastic used, the product configuration, temperature and moisture levels of the landfill.

79% of all plastic ends up in landfills, our product is designed to ensure that it stops becoming a problem.

Our Biodegradable Future additive is an excellent option for businesses and manufacturers, because:

The Plastic Maintains Its Strength: The additive is designed so that the biodegradation process will only start once the plastic comes into contact with the microbes. This means that additive-treated plastics remain just as strong as other plastics while in use - no nasty surprises!

Can Be Used On Most, If Not All, Plastic Products: From single use shopping bags to custom engineered durable parts, our additives will work on all plastic products. Biodegradable Future can also offer a full consultation on your needs to determine and confirm whether you can apply this product in your business.

More Affordable Than Other Plastic Alternatives: One of the reasons companies hesitate to move away from plastic in packaging and manufacturing is the high cost. Our affordable additives beat the price tag of most plastic alternatives, keeping your costs down and customers happy.

Tried and Tested By The Authorities: Our additives have been tested using the ASTM D5511 method and proven to biodegrade plastic much faster than natural methods.