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about us

We are Engagement Factory - a customer engagement agency to the core. We help our clients transform into true customer-centric organisations by combining strategy and insights, fuelled by creativity and technology.

The result: compelling experiences throughout the customer journey that enable our clients to build long-lasting and valuable customer relationships. From our main base in the vibrant heart of Europe's tech hub, the Netherlands, we operate across the globe. Our international team empowers local support, from Sweden to South Africa - and everywhere in between.

We're obsessive about creating the optimum customer experience. Every single journey, every decision and every customer is unique! To create such a customer-centric experience requires a one-to-one approach, a healthy dose of creativity and the right technical and strategic knowledge, resources and skills.

That is why we are more than happy to help our clients with creating a personalised customer journey for their customers, in which individual user needs are at the forefront.

Direct, seamless and super personalised interaction across all channels and devices leads to optimal conversion, turnover and profit - building an extra valuable customer relationship!

Turning sales and marketing alignment into a growth machine, driving better decision making and increasing revenue for your business. Contact us today so we start your customer journey-driven marketing today.