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about us

We know how to create more revenue for publishers by delivering more value to advertisers.
We develop and implement solutions guaranteed to increase spend on our publisher partner sites.

Yield management

Maximize the revenue on your platforms

This is purely an additional revenue stream for the publisher. We will be generating extra revenue and maximizing yield, dynamic allocation, real-time access to buyers and revenue optimization tools and strategies.

We are at the forefront of programmatic technology and have platform experience on at least eight of the biggest programmatic platforms i.e. Appnexus, DBM, DoubleClick Ad ExChange, Tradedesk, etc

We have a large amount of direct advertisers willing to buy on publisher websites, and we would like your website to be apart of the ad space/inventory we will have to offer to our buyers.

We have skilled individuals who are programmatic experts on both the monetization side for publishers as well as on the agency front; buying ad space via programmatic means as well as premium buys. Our team will manage campaign scheduling, monitoring, optimizing and supply reports to you as required.

Online Publishing

Access to a large amount of global advertising brands.
We offer our publisher the opportunity to a new revenue stream, geared towards sales of remnant inventory on your website, with planning and strategy we set the target market that allows hight than indtry fill rates and better eCPMs.

Benefits for the Publisher:

  • Additional Monthly Revenue , Guaranteed.
  • Access to a large pool of advertisers
  • High fill rates.
  • Excellent eCPMs
  • Experts who will manage and monetize your remnant inventory.

Mobile Publishing

Connect with DDSA Mobile Solutions for Publishers
DD provides comprehensive and highly effective tools for growing your business online, monetize your traffic, drive maximum revenue and achieve outstanding results with:

Increase eCPMs
Maximize the value of your traffic with premium global demand for your inventory. DDSA works with the top brands and advertisers globally, and our technology makes sure you get the highest price for each impression. Increase your ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active Use) immediately with the highest eCPMs in the industry.

Connect with High Impact Users
Powered by machine learning, our predictive algorithms help you connect to users who play for months, not minutes - wherever they are in the world. Find your next whales on our global direct supply and connect to them through high-impact creatives.

All the leading ad formats in reach
Choose the right mix of ad units to build the right monetization strategy for each user. Our high-impact ad creatives convert better than industry benchmarks, which mean more revenue for you. Optimize your monetization with a comprehensive portfolio of ad formats.

Advanced reporting and insight
Our platform gives you all the tools you need to take your monetization to the next level, and the real-time reporting to prove performance. Together with round-the-clock support, working with our platform makes monetizing easy.

Video Content

Most lucrative Online Content
Currently the highest eCPMs in the digital publishing world are being achieved from video advertising. Web and mobile publishers and app developers are rapidly realising that the high conversion rates from video content are making this one of the most lucrative ways of maximizing inventory monetization.

Not only is this a positive sign for advertisers and publishers alike, but the high view-through rates are indicative that premium video campaigns enhance the user experience and thus add value to the publisher in more ways than one.

As the publisher of video advertising, you will enjoy:

  • Access to top quality video content from premium advertisers
  • Easy implementation of video player, with wide selection of formats
  • Excellent fill rates and high view-through rates
  • Automated optimisation tools to help achieve higher eCPMs

Private Network

Producing your own private advertising network allows you as a publisher, to create available privately negotiated rates for your premium inventory - permits you to sell it at the premium it deserves.

Running your own private ad network, empowers you to drive even more advertisers to your sites and at the same time connect and collect data without having to deploy tech teams, sales teams or 3rd-party ad networks. Instead of negotiating prices based on volume private networks provide a technology-based solution for improved real-time bidding. Within a private network, premium publishers can sell their inventory via real-time bidding to the ad networks, media planners, and ad agencies of their choice - publishers decide on the verticals and the committable rates

The Digital Driven platform allows you to manage your inventory independently - providing the tools and the technology, gaining absolute control and maintain full control of your inventory.

The key function of a private ad network is segmented data from premium publishers, matching it with advertiser's demand which allows for effective targeting within the publishing ecosystem. This means that publishers can sell their advertising at rates, which more accurately reflect the value of their inventory.

Business Intelligence

Not only does our technology make your advertising inventory work harder for you, it also makes it work smarter.
Using sophisticated algorithms to turn user data into deep audience insights, our ad technology and systems help to boost your advertising yields by enabling quicker and more effective decision making.

As pressure on digital publishers increases and advertisers demand ever higher levels of advertising performance, publishers need to continuously analyse and refine campaigns and provide in-depth reports. This can be very time consuming and also exposes publishers to the risk of human error.

Our data warehouse allows for fully automated reporting and analysis, leaving you free to focus on securing new advertisers and increasing your yield.

Our customised AddSuite platform enables you to create "real time" dashboards for individual advertisers and agencies. Our simplified trafficking and scalable controls are your guarantee that clients' ads go live on time, when they are meant to, helping you to manage campaigns with virtually no manual intervention.