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about us
We conduct very large sample, bi-annual secondary data surveys to enable the production of highly detailed and extremely cost-effective customer segment profilers. We sell the complete dataset - called Brand Atlas - to users to conduct their own profilers or we do the profilers for them. (Click on the 'Brand Atlas' tab to learn more). We also use the data to produce reports on a variety of different marketing topics (click on the 'Profiler Reports' tab to see some examples of our recent reports).

We form partnerships with large corporations with extensive marketing databases (click on the 'Brand Atlas' tab to see a full list of our partners) and arrange that they send links to these surveys to their customer databases in exchange for their own bespoke online surveys (click on the 'Prize Surveys' tab to learn more about all told partnerships). Respondents who participate in our surveys are entered into lucky draws to win valuable and desirable prizes (click on the 'Prize Surveys' tab to learn more about prizes and winners).