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about us
Starbright is a company of people and as people we appeal to people; we are communicators who inspire and innovate. Our squad is comprised of thinking, feeling, motivated individuals who take pride in fulfilling our purpose and in acting deliberately. And as people, we know that for your business to shine, you need a touch of personal intervention and a working sense of humour.

Essentially client relationships are paramount and we are proud to say that this good juju originates internally. Our processes are supported by a well-defined value system - it informs the way we operate, culminates in our success and nourishes the company culture. This approach is reflected in all our outcomes. A strong team makes integrative IT solutions possible. Meet the #squad responsible for websites, digital marketing, graphic design and IT systems and network support.

Sometimes you meet someone and you just click. Starbright is one such someone but there are a good few of us and we're all a mere a click away. We thrive on the enthusiasm of the clients that we engage with. Challenges are taken on with a passionate, creative and determined attitude. Choose Starbright for a lasting bond.

We work hard and we play hard for we are all artists in our own right and hard work does not negate fun. Spending time in each other's company amplifies productivity. From tenpin bowling on a Friday to Murder Mystery social gatherings, it's not so easy to get the Starbright team to tone down the good cheer. All the while it makes us the squad to approach if you want quality future world solutions during business hours!

You, the client, are our focus and by engaging with us you become a mutual pioneer in digital innovation. Success is our overarching duty and obligation which is the standard we set in our individual and team goals. This is how we are distinguished within our industry. Excellence is woven into our culture.