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about us
Eventing & Communications is all about detail".. that line has been used way to often by people that don't understand what it truly means. Yes it is about detail, and we know and understand this... BUT most importantly its about making the right impression for our clients and their brands or services.

It is for this reason that live our ethos of "Making your mark" and thereby making ours too, through always taking the eventing and communications hassle away from our clients, yet still retaining that all important partnership with the brands custodian or stakeholder.

By ensuring our execution is creative, innovative and efficient, we deliver the brand effectively to its target audience.

With strong backgrounds within corporate marketing, broadcast, the entertainment industry and strategic planning, our teams' motto has always been simple, "dazzle them", regardless of the nature or size of the event.

We always leave a lasting, and positive impression with any brief & project that we tackle.