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Create a Digital Story that's Worth Telling with Pistol + Honey

"We started with only two and from there we grew." Chloe-Simone Hofmann, Managing Director of Pistol + Honey

We took 2 honours graduates with over a decade of marketing + advertising experience; added a passion for business, mixed together with a love for digital; blended with caffeine, super-fast internet and some MacBook's; threw in three small dogs for mascots and just like that, a digital agency was born.

We Big Brands.
Working on local brands with an International footprint is where the bulk of our experience lies. From the marketing of foreign exchange solutions to luxury liquor brands, sports supplements, home improvement products, apparel and other FMCG goods; we have a long relationship of working with corporate clients.

We Fresh New Ideas
Through our knowledge and experience we have the ability to have massive impact on the growth and perception of small and medium businesses. We seek out SME's with businesses we believe and see potential in. We then provide these businesses with our services and support at a discounted rate. We love being part of their success story.

P+H Vitals:
+ Over 2 200 campaigns
+ Over 3 million people reached
+ Over 6.5 million impressions
+ 8 different platforms
+ Over 11 000 hours of work completed
+ 3 office dogs
+ Over 2700 cups of coffee consumed

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Pistol + Honey: We Live, Love + Lead Digital