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about us
With over 10 years' experience in the commuter sector, MASSIV MEDIA brings extensive knowledge & key learnings to the table.

We deliver timeously on implementation across platforms, with detailed flighting reports & Campaign Management for complete client peace-of-mind. We commission Independent FGI research on all campaigns over R500K, so client can research test both their communication & noting levels.

We firmly believe that we are the only company able to offer a comprehensive 360-degree media solution to brands wanting to penetrate this lucrative commuter market effectively.


MASSIV MEDIA represents a suite of media platforms that allow advertisers to impact the most powerful consumer spending force in South Africa - the commuter market -in a truly effective and meaningful way, through the power of:
  • Rank Wraps
  • Rank Branded Towers
  • Rank Digital TV Screens
  • Transit Digital Screens
  • Taxi Branding | Internal & External
  • Wi-fi in Ranks
  • Activations in Ranks
  • Radio & social media - Massiv Metro | a one of a kind digital radio offering currently being installed into taxis within Gauteng REPLACING THE TAXI RADIO! Download our app from the Google Play Store (Android) & the App Store (iOS), or listen live at