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Since 1995 Global Access has specialized in providing public and private institutions with a comprehensive suite of digital signage and telecommunications services.

Our products are effectively designed for immediate communication with clients, customers, staff and other stakeholders.

About Us
We are an engagement solutions service provider with solutions effectively designed for immediate communication with clients, customers, staff and other stakeholders.

Since we started trading in 1995 at Broadcast House in Johannesburg CBD, Global Access has been at the helm of digital innovative solutions designed to improve staff and customer engagement. Our digital solutions have helped our clients achieve their communication goals both internally and externally, reaching small to large audiences. We thrive on helping our clients get a clear and coherent message across to their chosen audience.

We are constantly innovating for new ways to help our clients access their full business potential. This bold approach to business has culminated in our wide range of solutions, which we provide.

  • Access Methodology - assessing staff and customer engagement challenges and building strategic staff and customer engagement solutions.

  • Digital Signage- uses technologies such as LCD, LED, projection to display videos and other digital media content.

  • Broadcasting - Our Private Channel on DSTV is the ideal platform for real time, immediate, and private, secured communication with your chosen audience. By controlling customer smartcards, we manage your viewership and ensure that only your approved viewers will be able to view your broadcast on our Channel.

  • Streaming- Streaming allows you to be in touch with your audience anywhere in the world, on any connected device at any time, making it a cost effective solution for communication.

  • Queue Management: We provide two types of queuing management systems: For a 'personalized'queue management system, Global Access offers a ticketing system - better known as our Auto-Q System.

  • Intelligent Queuing- Enhance your customers'in-store experience by stream lining queues while communicating important information to them with the Intelligent Queuing (IQ) system.

  • IPTV - A complete TV and data content solution for your institution - be it a corporate, office park, university, hospital, hotel, mall or a stadium. Once an IPTV solution is installed, it can be expanded to incorporate new buildings or spaces with ease.

  • Creative Agency - Creative Solutions brings your ideas to life. With a team of experienced producers, we assists you in the creation of ideas for content which covers the entire process, from conceptualization, story board creation, script writing, and the delivery of the final programme, whether it's a video recording, animation or a live broadcast.
About company

Global Access established in 1995 is a leader in Digital Signage, Broadcast Television, Queue Management and IPtv.

087 094 5050, Broadcast House, 169 - 171 Fox Street, 2001, Johannesburg,South Africa.

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