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With over a million readers, Son is the country's largest Afrikaans daily newspaper. It is the newspaper of choice for vibrant coloured communities in the Western, Boland and Eastern Cape. Son newspapers provides advertisers with access to a market which has a total annual household income of R40,5 billion.

Son is published Monday to Friday with a different lifestyle supplement each day. These are Geldsake, Gesin, Jongspan, Wiele and Vroue. Son's readers are the working class coloured people of the Western and Eastern Cape. Ninety-four percent (94%) of Son's readers fall into the LSM 6-10 groups and forty-two percent (42%) have a monthly average household income exceeding R8,000 per month.

Son op Sondag complements the daily issues, providing the reader with a lifestyle focused Sunday read. With nearly 400,000 readers.

Son and Son op Sondag delivers on what the audience wants to hear. These newspapers play an important enabling role. Bringing broader coverage within the communities it serves, even the smaller towns. Covering relevant South African sensation and sport with a sprinkling of international flavour, entertainment and gossip. The average Joe's, the scandals and successes, presented in a colourful language that readers can relate to. Son is the barometer of life in the Cape, revealing injustice, educating and edifying the coloured communities it reaches.

Son delivers on its promise - "Die Son sien alles."