We are a through-the-line marketing agency specialising in the African market.

Formed in 2004, Yourself Management is a 100% black-owned agency with a level 1 B-BBEE score.

As a through-the-line marketing agency, we offer an integrated approach, where we use below-the-line, above-the-line and digital marketing methods to reach a wide customer base and acquire market share within the African market for our partners.

We partner with our clients. Our interest is mutual – to grow their brand. That's why we go by the name Yourself.

We run an average of 30 campaigns annually and have a team of over 300 employees operating throughout the Southern African Development Community with a Head Office in Johannesburg and regional offices in Cape Town, Durban, Namibia and Zambia.

Our pride is on being the preferred supplier for some reputable blue chip companies such as Tiger Brands, Nestle, L'Oréal and Platco Digital (eTV) among numerous others.

We have made it our business to know and understand the influences behind the purchasing psychology of the African consumer. We pride ourselves on being the leaders in the African market.


Our vision:

To be the leaders in the African market

Our mission:

To impact our communities through transformation in an effort to empower and create employment. This is done in partnership with our clients in improving their market share and making their brands household names among African people of all income levels

Our values:

To be Innovative and at the same time Professional as a Team with Integrity when approaching or dealing with our partners' tasks, and being able to be Transparent and Accountable at all times


We provide our spectrum of marketing services in urban and peri-urban areas in numerous countries across Africa. We are now putting even greater emphasis on expanding our services in Africa, which is the main reason behind opening our Namibian and Zambian regional offices with one opening in Nigeria soon. We have selective partners in other Southern African countries as well as in East and West Africa, which strengthens our operations on the sub-continent. Our expertise ensures that we run successful campaigns within all these countries with a broader understanding of their socio-cultural and economic factors.


We provide excellent marketing services to millions of African consumers living in Africa. Our business model focuses on a one-stop shop principle, where we provide any marketing-related service to clients. We partner with our clients and invest in understanding their marketing strategy so we can position their brand accordingly within the market.

Africa presents a massive profit-making opportunity.

We provide a range of marketing services which are tailor-made to suit our partner's needs such as:

  1. Below-the-line marketing:

    • Activations –in-store promotions, roadshows, experimental, events and sports;
    • Schools and corporate social investment projects;
    • Branding.

  2. Above-the-line marketing:

    • Advertising;
    • Radio;
    • Production.

  3. Digital marketing:

    • Social media;
    • Website management;
    • Search engine optimisation;
    • Content marketing;
    • Data analytics.

  4. Marketing services:

    • Research;
    • Designs/Creative concept;
    • Strategy;
    • Public Relations;
    • Client service.

  5. Rental services:

    • Gig Rigs;
    • Stage trailers;
    • Activation fleet;
    • Mall stands;
    • Logistics and warehousing.

    We have 13 years' experience in the following industries and markets:

    • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG);
    • Banking;
    • Telecommunications;
    • Software;
    • Broadcasting;
    • Health and beauty;
    • Luxury goods;
    • Corporate – Business to Business;
    • The public sector;
    • Automotive;
    • Sports.

    How we do it

    Gig Rigs


    Stage Trailer

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