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about us

Who We Are

Lima Bean is a leading web development company founded in 2005, with a core focus on designing and building high quality content management systems (CMS) and enterprise e-commerce systems.

We look to stay ahead of the game and provide solutions that can stand alongside anything offered internationally at competitive prices. Over the years, we have refined our processes and systems and have consolidated our offering into the core areas of CMS, e-commerce and high quality custom development.

Lima Bean has a proven track record, long standing relationships with clients and bases its success on top quality people and processes that are effective and in line with recognised standards.

Our 360° Approach

We strongly believe that the best solutions are approached holistically. Any world class website needs to be properly researched, have a well conceptualised user experience, be beautifully designed and be developed using elegant and scalable technologies according to best practice principles.

We are passionate about not only "doing the right thing", but doing the "thing right". This is what any enterprise, world class website requires and is essentially the basis of our 360° degree approach.

When taking to market, we will present various options and if extensive marketing is required, will refer you to one of our world class marketing providers - depending on your requirements.

Our People

Lima Bean is driven by young, energetic and most importantly, smart people. Our team is our greatest asset and we strive to maintain a competitive advantage, by constantly looking for the best talent, retaining and rewarding top performers and making people feel valued and appreciated in their work.

Lima Bean was founded by three top performing University of Cape Town, Business Science Honours (IS) graduates and has grown from strength to strength during its substantial time in the market.