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about us

Digital Fire is an e-mail marketing specialist based in Cape Town and a division of the Spencer Boyd Associates New Media Group, London. Digital Fire specializes in full service opt in e-mail marketing, providing solutions in both the local South African market and also globally for international clients predominately in the UK, EU and the USA.

Our core services are:

1. Promo E-mail Marketing:: driving clearly accountable customer acquisition, return on investment, sales and revenue for our clients through interactive Promo E-Mailers to our carefully managed high LSM opt-in e-mail databases (meaning the recipient has given permission to be contacted).

2. E-mail database management: assisting our clients to broadcast, profile, manage and grow their e-mail databases and consultancy on how best to drive maximum business value from their e-mail data.

"A well conceived, designed and executed e-mail marketing campaign generates responses which far out perform the traditional mediums of TV, radio or print in return on investment for the advertiser. Done correctly it's the most effective marketing tool in the world for targeting the high LSM. Our mission is to help our clients interact with their existing customers, gain new customers and clearly and accountably drive revenue.” - Thomas Boyd MD Digitalfire