About Us

Cape Town based quickOnline is a specialist digital marketing company that creates & manages online reputations by harnessing the power of the Internet. Its proprietary consultation model creates platforms to digitally connect, innovate, create, interact & grow through a process referred to as the quickening. In short, quickOnline makes online a simple yet deadly-effective weapon of choice in the marketing arsenal...affordably. Started in 2004, quickOnline is headed-up by Francois Botha who remains intimately involved in the client management process.

Experience the quickening. Book a consultation with one of the quickThinkers.

What We Offer:

Our consults debunk, demyth & demystify online to make it simple. Their experience is vast, tried & tested. Their understanding stretches as far as the online world is wide. Instantly benefit from our consulting service with one of our quickThinkers.

We consult, facilitate, develop & design to create hard-working websites. We give you three options. 1. A custom designed all singing & dancing online solution. 2. A customisable yet ready-to- roll template driven home on the web. 3. Your design studio supplies us with designed screens which we code. We work extensively with open-source solutions. Proprietary solutions can be developed where required.

This all-in-one email marketing solution is incredibly powerful. It's also incredibly easy to use & quick to install. Best of all, you're able to manage the process or simply check on status from your web browser -- from building a list & creating personalised newsletters, to measuring campaign results & sending automated follow-up emails. Also available as private-label where an even more robust service for multiple e-communications is required.

A good looking & functional site is worthless if no one knows about it. Be found where your target market is looking for you. Where? On search engines. Search Engine Optimisation is the key to commencing a successful Online Marketing Campaign. It is the crux upon which the other techniques build. A good SEO campaign is never a once off wonder. It develops & bolsters over a series of months. SEO results may take longer to emerge than other online techniques, but they deliver sustainability & online longevity.

Putting together a succinct online strategy is one thing. Effective implementation & tracking is a different ballgame entirely. Our tracking software tells you exactly which Campaigns, PPC Ads, Banners, Referring Sites, & Search Results are converting into sales & delivering ROI.

Hosting companies are a dime a dozen, some better than others. Very few however, guarantee you the instant scalability as you would expect from a company serious about growing your business. Our account managers offer you business agility by making quick adjustments as required when you select us to handle your hosting on one of our super-powerful servers. We have a range of options available depending on whether you require a SA based or an international server & hosting solution.

Need to get your organisation, staff or students up to speed with the latest developments in the Online industry? Then consider reaping the benefits of training offering.

Ensure a succinct corporate identity with legal compliance across all email communication by branding outgoing emails.

Nomadic media is the next frontier, we are currently developing a range of solutions to capitalise on this opportunity.