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ATKASA, a leading Digital Marketing Agency, combines progressive, data-driven thinking with in-depth knowledge garnered from many years experience within the digital space. Which translates to measurable results for our clients.
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12 Reasons businesses should invest heavily into online marketing after lockdown
As Covid-19 restrictions are slowly eased, and we emerge into something resembling normality post-pandemic, many companies will be taking stock and planning their next moves carefully. As a result of the pandemic, marketing has undergone a giant leap, and more emphasis has been placed on the internet. Online has become the 'new economic hub' for so many people (specifically consumers), and more businesses are going online everyday. 12 Apr 2022 Read more

ATKASA celebrates 13 years as a leading digital agency
Our story began in February 2009 inside a home garage with only 1 staff member "the owner". 3 Feb 2022 Read more

Why your website is pivotal in the success of your company
In this day and age, the first point of contact with a business is usually their social media pages. However, companies sometimes make the mistake of holding off on their website while putting all the focus on their social media. 26 Oct 2021 Read more

Why social media marketing cannot be ignored by your company any longer
We can all agree that the world is moving more and more in a digital direction. This is happening even faster under the tough circumstances that the world has gone through recently. Businesses need to adapt and move some, if not most of their business operations to online platforms. 14 Oct 2021 Read more

The importance of a 360 digital marketing strategy if your business aims to grow
A 360 digital marketing strategy is a way to ensure that you find out where your customers spend their time online and target them through their preferred platforms. The importance of this is to cover all bases and reach bigger volumes of people. 5 Oct 2021 Read more

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