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Want to get funding for your small business? Do this first
Lack of funding support is a major obstacle for small business owners in South Africa. According to the new 2023 State of Entrepreneurship in South Africa Survey conducted by the Entrepreneurs' Organisation (EO) South Africa, only 10.1% of respondents reported to ever receiving government support. 21 Sep 2023 Read more

New digital community for startup founders to launch
SME South Africa is launching a new, digital community that aims to help early stage entrepreneurs to connect with experienced founders of startups and business owners. 10 Jul 2023 Read more

Trends every SME should look into in 2023
Small businesses were hard hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, but SMEs are known to be resilient and have the flexibility to bounce back when hit with extreme circumstances. According to Business Tech, existing debt, lack of cash reserves, outdated financials, no access to relief funding, and an inability to operate during the lockdown, forced the closure of 42.7% of small businesses. 1 Feb 2023 Read more

SME South Africa makes it easier for business owners to buy business solutions
SME South Africa announced on Friday, 2 July, the expansion of its online platform with the introduction of a powerful e-commerce solution. SME South Africa is a content hub that provides entrepreneurs with business tools and resources to further develop their businesses. 7 Jul 2021 Read more

5 reasons small businesses should be using online marketplaces
Lead-based marketing should be a part of all small businesses' digital marketing efforts. In the wake of the global Covid-19 crisis, it has never been more important for businesses to get access to qualified leads and generate sales, especially if they are to stay afloat. 13 May 2021 Read more

New e-commerce platform makes it easier for business owners to buy the right tech solutions
SME South Africa has launched an e-commerce platform to help business owners purchase the tech tools and business solutions they need to grow their businesses. The new launch, called SME Solutions, forms part of SME South Africa's mission to increase technology use among SMEs. 14 Apr 2021 Read more

How B2B service marketplace, Serv, is helping SMEs with market access challenges
Marketplaces are nothing new, however Serv, an exciting new online marketplace, is taking an innovative approach to the model by connecting qualified B2B service providers with entrepreneurs in need of key business services. Some of the services which can be found on Serv are accounting, marketing, business services, web development, IT, logistics, HR and law. 26 Feb 2021 Read more

SME South Africa launches free guides to help SMEs navigate the challenges of Covid-19
The Covid-19 pandemic has already significantly impacted local businesses and will have a notable and potentially lasting impact on our economy. 11 Feb 2021 Read more

Serv: South Africa's first SME B2B marketplace
According to the Assessment of South Africa's SME Landscape Report conducted by SME South Africa, access to markets is a huge challenge for 52% of SME owners in South Africa and up to 40% of these owners find the industries they are operating in extremely competitive. SME South Africa, an online resource platform that provides strategic content and resources that help SMEs, recently launched South Africa's first B2B marketplace that caters solely for SMEs. 5 Nov 2020 Read more

SME South Africa launches online B2B service marketplace for SMEs
SME South Africa, the leading business resource platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses, launched, a B2B service marketplace. 3 Sep 2020 Read more

SME South Africa launches the Women's Month campaign 'Breaking the Funding Glass Ceiling'
SME South Africa commemorates Women's Month 2020 with the launch of the 'Breaking the Funding Glass Ceiling' series, sponsored by Nedbank. 11 Aug 2020 Read more

SME South Africa launches white paper offering insight into how small businesses are using tech
Half of South Africa's SME owners indicate that technology poses a challenge in the running of their businesses. This is according to the SME Landscape Report: An Assessment of South Africa's SME Landscape: Challenges, Opportunities, Risks & Next Steps' 2018/2019 (SME Landscape Report). 8 Apr 2020 Read more

4 steps to follow to win your next business opportunity
Preparation can help you win future business opportunities, such as a chance to pitch in front of an important investor, or a meeting with a big client that has the potential to change your entire business. 5 Mar 2019 Read more

How corporates and SMEs are winning at Enterprise Supplier Development plus success stories
Meeting B-BBEE compliance requirements is one of the ways corporates benefit from Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD). In order to gain B-BBEE scorecard points corporates need to show that they are developing SMEs. 26 Feb 2019 Read more

Must-have communication and management skills for better business leadership
Did you know that how you communicate with your staff can ultimately make or break a healthy workforce? If effective communication strategies are not in place, it can lead to high staff turnover or worse, bad service for your customers. 19 Feb 2019 Read more

14 business ideas for students who want to start a side hustle
"When it comes to business ideas for learners (university students), the biggest tip I can give is to look at your circumstances and environment and try to identify where the biggest challenges are," says Jalal Ghiassi-Razavi, association director at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. 14 Feb 2019 Read more

How to be a fitter, wealthier entrepreneur
The fitter you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the better you can manage stress and negotiate the ups and downs of running a business, says Erika Kruger, a Workplace Wellness Consultant and entrepreneur. 7 Feb 2019 Read more

2018/2019 SME South Africa's SME landscape survey results
The majority of South African small businesses generate revenue of less than R200,000 annually and nearly half of SMEs employ between two to five employees, according to the SME landscape report, An Assessment of South Africa's SME Landscape: Challenges, Opportunities, Risks & Next Steps' 2018/2019. The report was launched by SME South Africa in Johannesburg. 28 Nov 2018 Read more

SME South Africa to launch its first SME Landscape Report
SME South Africa launches its inaugural SME Landscape Report 2018/2019 on Wednesday, 21 November 2018, in Johannesburg. 21 Nov 2018 Read more

SME South Africa host its first Growth Champions Seminar for Gauteng entrepreneurs
SME South Africa's SME Growth Champions Seminar 2015 is a series of regional events aimed at providing business owners with insight and tools to enable them to sustain and grow their enterprises. 7 May 2015 Read more

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