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Bateleur Brand Planning provides tailor-made strategic research solutions for clients to increase productivity, improve customer experience and gain a competitive advantage by increasing engagement with customers.
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Where has all the good news gone?
The decline in news consumption has become a growing trend in South Africa, with only 47% of the 1,533 people surveyed in the Vantage Point study indicating that they follow the news frequently or regularly. This raises a few pertinent questions about the remaining 53% of followers, who either sometimes or never watch the news. Why do they choose to remain unaware of what is happening around them? Who are they? 9 Mar 2023 Read more

Bateleur research reveals quality of life is SA consumers' biggest fear
Market research agency Bateleur Brand Planning developed another one of its Vantage Point research-based white papers, diving into South African fears and fantasies and how this correlates to happiness or unhappiness. 28 Feb 2023 Read more

Significant director appointments at Bateleur Brand Planning
Market research agency Bateleur Brand Planning recently announced the appointment of Kim-Lee de Vries to director of operations and Michellé Steyn to sales and marketing director. 24 Feb 2023 Read more

Have South Africans surrendered to load shedding?
In 2007 South Africa experienced its first bout of load shedding, a whopping 16 years ago. Little did we know that this was the first hint of a new normal for our country. 9 Feb 2023 Read more

Black Friday is bad for business
Black Friday attracts promiscuous, bargain-hunting customers, which ultimately destroys brand loyalty and throws margin down the drain. Can it be that profitability and customer loyalty are bad for business? Of course not. How, then, can Black Friday be good for business? 25 Nov 2022 Read more

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