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ITSI, established in 2000, provides a holistic e-learning solution to both private and public educational institutions in all nine provinces in South Africa as well as in Namibia, the UK and the UAE.
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SABC Education and ITSI launch online library with more than 350,000 books46,000 free e-books - including academic books as used in the CAPS curriculum and other supporting course material 5 Dec 2019 Read more

High school scholars can increase learning ability and academic results by having a better understanding of the brainSeptember study methods course based on the principles of cognitive neurosciences presented at Paul Roos Gymnasium 26 Aug 2019 Read more

Everyone can do maths - the research proves itRecently, a parent complained to me about the fact that the school her kid is attending was taking itself way too seriously and putting enormous pressure on students. As a parent, it appeared to her that there was absolutely no coordination among same grade teachers in terms of assessment and assignment schedules, which resulted in extreme stress for students. She wanted some advice about how to help her children see their school for what it is - just part of a bigger picture and not the picture. 2 Jul 2019 Read more

Workshop for South African educators: How to best apply recent research on the brain to classroom learning practicesITSI presents 2nd Annual workshop in Africa on Mind, Brain, and Education 27 May 2019 Read more

Workshop for South African educators will explore the latest findings on neuroscience research and its relation to educationITSI presents second annual workshop in Africa on Mind, Brain, and Education for "Educators as brain-changers" 4 Apr 2019 Read more

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