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ITSI, established in 2000, provides a holistic e-learning solution to both private and public educational institutions in all nine provinces in South Africa as well as in Namibia, the UK and the UAE.
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Workshop for South African educators will explore the latest findings on neuroscience research and its relation to educationITSI presents second annual workshop in Africa on Mind, Brain, and Education for "Educators as brain-changers" 4 Apr 2019 Read more

How do people learn and what can we do to improve learning?Internationally recognised Dr Daisy Pellant to present at 2nd annual workshop on Mind, Brain and Education in Africa 3 Apr 2019 Read more

What can South African educators do to truly improve learning?ITSI to host 2nd annual seminar in Africa on Mind, Brain, and Education 30 Jan 2019 Read more

Use of flashcards simplifies revision, enabling students to efficiently learn and retrieve knowledgeStudents encouraged to adapt studying methods for new knowledge learned to be stored in long-term memory 7 Aug 2018 Read more

First-ever seminar in Africa on mind-brain-education (MBE) commences todayExclusive event with internationally acclaimed US authors of Neuroteach: Brain science and the future of education aimed at teachers and educators. 23 May 2018 Read more

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