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Using deep insights and a thorough analysis, G&G positions your brand first by weaving storytelling, smart solutions and interactive digital strategy to place your brand where it belongs, above all.
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If you build it, they will not come - make a great first impression with an easy-to-navigate website
An online presence is essential for all businesses, no matter the industry. However, being online doesn't mean anything if your customers or potential customers can't find you. 16 Aug 2022 Read more

4 powerful reasons your business needs more video
There's a reason TikTok and Reels are so popular. These short-form videos are engaging and entertaining and when produced effectively with sound strategy in mind, they can leave a lasting impression. Research shows that 84% of consumers make a purchase based on watching a brand or business video. What's more, your customers are consuming a lot of videos--the average consumer watches video content for about 100 minutes every day. 11 Aug 2022 Read more

Gen Z is your future customer. Here's how to engage with them now
Gen Z is the generation after millennials, born between 1997 and 2010. They have grown up with social media and on-demand entertainment and their influence over what's cool, trending, and important shouldn't be underestimated. "We're already seeing the impact Gen Zs have on millennials and Gen Xs when it comes to brand selection, online behaviour, and customer engagement," says Desirée Gullan, executive creative director at G&G Digital. 5 Jul 2022 Read more

How regulated industries are getting results from digital marketing
Consumers are changing - they have less time, aren't brand loyal, are more socially and environmentally conscious, and prefer experiences over products.1 According to a Deloitte study, these changes are a result of climate change, economic constraints and increasing competitive options.1 22 Apr 2022 Read more

How conversational marketing builds enduring relationships with customers
Today's customers want it all-excellent service, quality products and solutions, and brands that engage with them in a relatable manner. 10 Feb 2022 Read more

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