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Ole!Connect helps brands develop valued and long-standing relationships - which not only means more engagement, more brand reach, and more memorable content, but an increase in our client's income to numbers that exceeds expectation.
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Connecting the Dots: Ole!Connect announces single business entityThe Ole! Media Group has relaunched its service offering as a single business entity named Ole! Connect. 21 May 2019 Read more

Strong, well-crafted messaging still rules... digital or not"Digital". It's one of those words in our Industry that's come to mean a great deal of things at once. A bit like "creative"; which can refer to people, a personality attribute, and just about any kind of piece of work produced by an agency. 1 Feb 2019 Read more

De-coding stereotypical thinkingIt's 2018 and global research reports that gender bias still lurks within the work place - no shock there. However, because women are used to "doing it for themselves", there are those intrepid females among us who stand up and challenge the status quo.  That was the case at Ole! Media Group when two young women joined the ranks and - encouraged by the progressive leadership of the organisation - are proving that gender stereotyping in the dev space is not as clear cut as it used to be. In telling this story, the company hopes to encourage more organisations to follow suit. 14 Nov 2018 Read more

Mobile operators have the potential to become the biggest publishers in SA & Africa. Part 2To recap from last week, in emerging markets, there is a huge pent-up and untapped demand for content, for information, for services that people want to access via their phones, particularly in emerging markets. In Africa less than 40% of mobile phone users are on smartphones; so technology that works on feature phones is still an extremely viable route to market on the continent. 3 Apr 2018 Read more

What is programmatic?Programmatic buying can seem at times very complicated but if you remove all the jargon and explain it in simple terms, it's much easier to grasp. 5 Mar 2018 Read more

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