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Sizmek awarded for use of programmatic media at 2018 BookmarksSizmek South Africa recently received a bronze award in the Use of Programmatic Media category at the IAB Bookmarks Awards 2018. This recognition by the IAB shows that Sizmek are leading the way in guiding clients on how to approach their programmatic buying, through techniques and integrated solutions that enable data, creative, and media to work together for optimal campaign performance across the entire customer journey. 7 Mar 2018 Read More >>
How the Sizmek DSP empowers your people-based direct response marketingWhat if you could go beyond merely targeting across devices, and use cross-device data toward automatically optimising for direct response performance? What if you could tie together the various user profiles from across a consumer's devices to leverage double, triple, or even quadruple the data to understand which devices are driving conversions for that consumer - and find out why these conversions are happening? 14 Dec 2017 Read More >>
Finding brand safety in an unsafe worldRecent headlines have brought the perils of unprotected programmatic buying front and centre. Join us for Finding Brand Safety in an Unsafe World, and you'll become a more informed, confident, and safe programmatic advertiser. 2 May 2017 Read More >>
The best-kept secrets about ad-serving dataToday, brands have a wide range of data to analyse that can inform their marketing and advertising strategies, which can include anything from DSP, CRM, demographic, psychographic, behavioural data, and more. 9 Jan 2017 Read More >>
Ad fraud in mobile apps can't be ignored - get our new researchIn-app advertising has ballooned in volume and importance as consumers are spending increasing amounts of time on their handheld devices. 20 Dec 2016 Read More >>
How do your ad campaigns measure up? Find out with Sizmek's new benchmarksAre your video ads doing as well as they should for starts and completions? Do your banner ads outperform or lag behind others in your region? 21 Nov 2016 Read More >>
MRC accredits Sizmek for mobile web and in-app served ad measurementMakes Sizmek only company with ad-serving function currently accredited to measure delivery across desktop, mobile web and mobile in-app 21 Jan 2016 Read More >>
Six rules to break for great mobile adsOn 9 July Sizmek (along with the UK-based Think Jam) hosted an insightful and highly relevant webinar in which some conventions relating to mobile adtech were raised and dissected. 16 Jul 2015 Read More >>
Viewability benchmarks from SizmekViewability is becoming a critical metric with which to analyse digital campaigns, representing a move to greater transparency and realignment of digitally centred conversations. 20 Apr 2015 Read More >>
Sizmek Floating Trophy awarded to Ninety9CentsThis award is presented to a creative agency that created an ad the Sizmek team feels was the most successful example of Rich Media done well, during a quarter. 25 Feb 2015 Read More >>
Sizmek voted High Performer in G2 Crowd SurveyWe're proud to announce that Sizmek was recently voted 'High Performer' in a crowd-sourced review of ad-tech users - a wonderful achievement by our network of offices around the globe. 18 Feb 2015 Read More >>
Sizmek's creative toolsThe line from creative conceptualisation to an awards show is a variable one, both in terms of complexity and success. Powerful creative tools can reduce time to market and improve ROI. 10 Feb 2015 Read More >>
Increase relevance with dynamic adsAs marketers we all strive to deliver engaging ads that resonate with users, whatever the channel. In digital, 'engagement' and 'analytics' are both well matured, so where does 'dynamic' stand? 27 Nov 2014 Read More >>
Sizmek's four powerful waste eliminatorsThe digital landscape, wonderfully dynamic and fluid in its nature, has a brilliant knack for keeping all of us on our toes. Regular product releases and evolutions offer better ways of analysing performance and optimising cross-channel media buys. 26 May 2014 Read More >>
Sizmek Floating Trophy awarded to Gloo for RMB Biplane adFinishing off 2013 in style, Gloo was once again winner of the (recently renamed) Sizmek Floating Trophy - awarded for the best creative served in a particular quarter. 3 Apr 2014 Read More >>
The shift to viewable impressionsTo see or not to see, that is the question. In the below article, Sizmek's US Product Marketing Manager Sean Wagner, discusses how viewability provides insights into the visibility of an ad to help improve efficiency in ad planning and serving. 24 Mar 2014 Read More >>
DG MediaMind Floating Trophy awarded to Kagiso Digital for Nokia Lumia adAs we wind down towards the close of yet another year, the penultimate winner of the MediaMind Floating Trophy award of 2013 is proudly presented to Kagiso Digital - an accolade which means that their Nokia Lumia ad was the pick of the bunch for Q3. 10 Dec 2013 Read More >>
DG MediaMind infographics: Rich media's excellent performance across verticalAs a global cross-channel adserver, DG MediaMind's network of data centres track an immense volume of stats 24/7. Asides from daily analysis conducted throughout the multitude of system accounts by account managers and planners, DG MediaMind's own research team mines data, collates information and prepares hugely insightful research reports that manage to distill some of the key trends and learnings that develop in this fluid industry. 25 Oct 2013 Read More >>
DG MediaMind Floating Trophy awarded to Tequila for McDonald's adIn line with the optimism that accompanies the passing of winter to spring, MediaMind would like to congratulate Tequila as winner of the MediaMind Floating Trophy for Q2 2013. 29 Aug 2013 Read More >>
DG MediaMind Floating Trophy awarded to CKNet (Joburg) for Range Rover adAs Q2 is well into its stride, DG MediaMind would like to congratulate CKNet as winners of the DG MediaMind Rich Media Floating Trophy for Q1 2013. This is their first win and we're certain it won't be their last. 5 Jun 2013 Read More >>
Traffic Light: Conversion Tag strategiesThird-party ad serving has many advantages that agencies can leverage. One of these is the ability to record a user's journey from ad impression through to purchase. This journey is called the path to conversion. In order for the agency to mark milestones on this path as well as the conclusion, it is important to place conversion tags on the advertiser's site. 17 May 2013 Read More >>
DG MediaMind is a winner of the IAB Digital Video Rising Stars competitionDG MediaMind has been named a winner and is a proud recipient of the first-ever Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB's) Digital Video Stars competition. This completes the trifecta, making MediaMind the only third-party ad server that has won an IAB Rising Star across Display, Mobile and In-Stream. 12 Mar 2013 Read More >>
MediaMind Africa's Service Partner iMIND is very excited to announce its partnership with Strutta, with the deal set to elevate social media marketing and promotions in Africa to a world-class level. 7 Jan 2013 Read More >>
MediaMind Floating Trophy awarded to Ogilvy Interactive Cape TownCongratulations to Ogilvy Interactive Cape Town for winning the MediaMind Rich Media Floating Trophy for Q3 2012, representing their second win in under a year - a truly great achievement. 20 Nov 2012 Read More >>
In-Stream delivering impressive resultsVideo is everywhere, and that's a very good thing. 1 Nov 2012 Read More >>
MediaMind: 2012 Global BenchmarksFour Regions, 12 Markets, 49 Countries, 21 Verticals, Thousands of ads, Billions of impressions... huge sets of data have been crunched, processed and are now presented in the latest Global Benchmark report for 2012. 10 Oct 2012 Read More >>
Floating Trophy awarded to Gloo JohannesburgGloo Johannesburg (a.k.a. Glooberg) deservedly earned both the plaudits and prize for their striking and engaging BMW F30 ad, meaning they were unanimously selected as winners for Q2 2012' MediaMind Rich Media Floating Trophy. 23 Aug 2012 Read More >>
Floating Trophy awarded to Big WednesdayBig Wednesday began 2012 on top form, showing no signs of a post-festive season hangover in creating some exceptional creative in the MediaMind platform, culminating with the agency being awarded the MediaMind Africa 'Floating Trophy' for Q1 2012. 28 May 2012 Read More >>
Enter the Dream it. Plan it. Win it. vacation contest from MediaMindThey say planning a vacation is half the fun. Not so with planning and buying media, which can be a real pain in the rucksack. That's why MediaMind developed the all-new Smart Planning solution. It's your escape from stressful media planning hassles, long hours, endless faxes and spreadsheets. And speaking of escapes, now's your chance to win a dream vacation you plan yourself, using smart tips from Smart Planning. 24 May 2012 Read More >>
DG®, the world's leading ad management and distribution platform, has announced a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Peer39 Inc., a provider of webpage level data for approximately $15.5 million in cash and stock. By integrating Peer39 into DG's online division MediaMind, the company is now positioned to be at the forefront of the large and fast growing real time bidding (RTB) market. 23 May 2012 Read More >>
YouTube certifies MediaMind in-stream video ad servingWe are very pleased to announce that MediaMind is officially certified to run VAST In-Stream ads via YouTube. This means that our customers can now benefit from third-party tracking and reporting while advertising on the world's largest video publisher. 16 May 2012 Read More >>
MediaMind Africa: Rich Media AwardOgilvy Interactive Cape Town recently had the honour of being crowned the inaugural recipients of the MediaMind Africa 'Floating' Trophy - presented to the creative agency that has built the highest-rated creative over a quarter. Ogilvy's 'Ask Rudi' ad for Audi was selected by MediaMind Africa's Awards Committee as the choice creative for Q4 2011. All Rich Media ads that run through the MediaMind platform are considered as entrants. 3 Feb 2012 Read More >>
MediaMind Live Training Webinars Series and datesIntroduction to MediaMind Data and Metrics
January 25:
3:00-4:00 PM UK Local Time
10:00-11:00 AM Eastern (NY) Local Time

Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming online training sessions.
 25 Jan 2012
Make your ads smarterDon't miss out on this new report from MediaMind that can help you leverage your investment in display advertising and get your best performance. 13 Dec 2011 Read More >>
MediaMind Live Training Webinars Series and datesWorking with MediaMind in Flash - Introduction to the Eyeblaster Workshop 1 Dec 2011 Read More >>
Telecom advertisingMediaMind's new Telecom research analysed billions of impressions that were served in the past year to develop best practices for generating the highest performance. 26 Sep 2011 Read More >>
MediaMind Training Webinars - next dateWorking with MediaMind in Flash - Introduction to the Eyeblaster Workshop for Flash 23 Aug 2011 Read More >>
Mobile advertisingEveryone is talking about mobile advertising, but few really know how to do it right. So what really makes a mobile campaign successful, and how can advertisers take advantage of this fast emerging, high performing channel? In a new report, MediaMind uncovers some of the best practices to help advertisers get the most value out of their mobile campaigns. 12 Jul 2011 Read More >>
A breakthrough in audience measurementEach time an online advertisement is served to a user, a cookie is placed on the user's computer. Advertisers then count the total number of cookies placed in order to determine the number of unique users exposed to a campaign. However, if a user deletes his or her cookies, a new cookie is placed in his/her browser and therefore the user is incorrectly over-counted again as a new, unique user. 10 May 2011 Read More >>
The newly released library of MediaMind Blocks gives marketers a new freedom to design and produce innovative creative concepts using pre-built packaged code to enable a specific functionality within a rich media ad. Eliminating the need to create an individual API or code, each MediaMind Block can be customized within the Flash authoring tool to suit any specific ad within the MediaMind platform. 9 Mar 2011 Read More >>
Case study: MediaMind Glider - 268% increased dwell over benchmark!MediaMind is pleased to share our latest case study. Highlighting a specific solution used in different parts of the world, examples of innovation and breakthrough technology coming together to deliver outstanding results. 18 Feb 2011 Read More >>
Standard Banners non-standard resultsIn the past few years, CTR for Standard Banners has been steadily declining. The good news is that in 2010 it seems to have stabilised. In its recently released Global Benchmark Report, MediaMind Research analysed billions of impressions to help advertisers make the most of their Standard Banner campaigns. 29 Nov 2010 Read More >>
The right season for retailRetailers know that the holiday season is the most important buying season of the year. New research from MediaMind shows that November and December account for up to 1/3 of all online retail advertising. Recent data and key trends from the study also offer valuable insight for advertisers who want to achieve higher performance and sales. 12 Oct 2010 Read More >>
Display advertising: the engine for automotive growthIn a world where 90% of prospective buyers use the Internet to research new cars, online display advertising is becoming a key channel for automakers and dealers alike. By analysing billions of global automotive impressions, MediaMind Research delivers critical insights to help you boost campaign performance. 23 Jul 2010 Read More >>
Entertainment banners impact box office revenuesMediaMind (formerly Eyeblaster) is pleased to bring you this joint research paper together with comScore under our new brand... 6 Jul 2010 Read More >>
Eyeblaster evolved. We are now MediaMind.Introducing a bigger idea in digital marketing. 15 Jun 2010 Read More >>
Using Dwell to measure advertisingDwell Rate is a valuable metric to measure the effectiveness of Rich Media display advertising. It helps marketers ascertain if consumers are actually looking at ads. 10 May 2010 Read More >>
The easiest way for airlines to boost profitability is to sell every last seat - even the middle ones - since the incremental costs are only Coke and peanuts. 6 Apr 2010 Read More >>
Search and display: A powerful combination72% of the conversions of cross channel search and display campaigns are a direct result of the display channel. Only 28% are the result of the search channel. 8 Mar 2010 Read More >>
Online video advertising: double engagement, boost ROIAdding video to your online campaign can significantly improve your marketing results. What makes online video advertising so successful? What can make your video campaign even better? In this in-depth bulletin, based on the knowledge accumulated at Eyeblaster from serving a large portion of the online video campaigns worldwide, we share our insights. 20 Nov 2009 Read More >>
8th Annual Eyeblaster AwardsSince 2001, The Eyeblaster Awards have been recognised as among the most prestigious global awards in digital advertising. They are a celebration of engaging, effective and creative campaigns from around the world. 5 Nov 2009 Read More >>
Behind every successful campaign is a successful team. 29 Oct 2009 Read More >>
Who doesn't remember holding one's breath while peeling off a lottery scratch card to find the prize concealed underneath the cover? No matter how negligible the chances for winning are, people are thrilled just by the action of peeling. No wonder lottery marketers all over the world have seized on people's curiosity to reveal hidden content and obtain instant gratification. Peel Back banners leverage the same natural human tendencies to increase emotional engagement with ads. 16 Oct 2009 Read More >>
Eyeblaster has just released its Global Benchmark Report, which offers an in-depth look into the numbers in addition to a comprehensive set of benchmarks tables, summarising the industry's performance in five markets and nine countries. 14 Oct 2009 Read More >>
MediaCom launched the world's first third-party-served mobile campaign in December, representing a major breakthrough in mobile advertising. MediaCom used Eyeblaster Ad Campaign Manager (ACM) to serve ads across the Nokia media network. The campaign, promoting the latest services from mobile operator T-Mobile, spans across multiple mobile and online publishers. 5 Feb 2009 Read More >>
Dwell Time - one metric to rule them allToday's complex campaigns include a variety of interactions and placements, with different methods of engaging users; and trying to find your way through the tangle of campaign metrics, complex analysis and a mountain of data is no easy task. Using traditional metrics to evaluate complex, non-traditional engagement creates a hodge-podge of metrics that require a puzzle master and a decoder ring to decipher. 1 Dec 2008 Read More >>
Branding the holidaysThis holiday season, ensure powerful ROI for all your digital advertising. With a tighter grip on the purse strings, now more than ever online marketers need to make an impression. 28 Nov 2008 Read More >>
Eyeblaster celebrated the best in 2008 digital advertising campaigns, recognising six agencies with top honours at the Eyeblaster Awards bash in New York City. 27 Nov 2008 Read More >>