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5 strong-rand holiday destinations for 2019A weak South African rand has been getting a lot of bad press and has made travelling to some parts of the world difficult for locals, particularly when measured against the dollar, pound, and euro. 8 Feb 2019 Read more

Kulula fights long queues and continues to win top SA awardsThe stress of queueing at airports for check-ins and boarding has been acknowledged by one of the country's leading domestic airlines, and they're offering a solution. 8 Jan 2019 Read more

British Airways introduces new flights and routes between UK and South AfricaOn a busy day London's Heathrow Airport can make up to 66,000 connections per day. Included in these are the popular flights between London and Johannesburg. British Airways announced in October that it has increased these to an extra four flights a week, which means a total of 18 weekly flights are now available on this route. 7 Dec 2018 Read more

Comair gets technical service help from overseas despite another SAA bailoutJust prior to Finance Minister Tito Mboweni's announcement of another restructure of embattled national carrier, SAA, Comair announced that it is moving its maintenance requirements overseas. 7 Nov 2018 Read more

New visa rules overhaul to benefit tourism and tourists to South AfricaIn an attempt to win back tourists lost through the controversial travel requirement for children, South Africa will finally be loosening its visa rules. These are some of the proposed changes and what you need to know. 5 Oct 2018 Read more

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