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OHMSA welcomes smaller companies in the OOH industrySmaller out of home companies can join OHMSA for free. 24 Jun 2014 Read More >>
Child rape. You can help!In South Africa, a child is raped every 3 minutes. Ad Outpost assists the Teddy Bear Clinic to promote its services. 2 Apr 2014 Read More >>
Out of Home Media South Africa (OHMSA) today announced the membership of Posterscope South Africa as an Associate Member of the association. Their membership was confirmed by the OHMSA Executive Committee at their recent meeting. The Associate Membership category makes provision for media agents, suppliers and marketers who wish to join the association 25 Mar 2014 Read More >>
At a recent meeting of the OHMSA Executive Committee the membership of two of the larger activation companies in South Africa namely Vibrant Direct and On The Dot was confirmed. 25 Mar 2014 Read More >>